Brighton Mobile Development Meet-up - 23 April

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We were thrilled to help organise the second ever Brighton Mobile Development Meet-up

Thoughts from the Brightec team

We collected some of the highlights from our team who were lucky enough to be in attendance.


I enjoyed what was a great introduction to Swift. It looks very cool and not as scary as it might first appear.

I was interested to learn that Apple watch development is very limited. It seems developers are going to have to be quite creative to make their watch apps useful and unique.


Personally I loved the opportunity to meet some developers and companies from Brighton. We so often get lost in our own worlds so it's so instructive and encouraging to meet so many others passionate about mobile development.

Having worked alongside Seren Matthews for a while here at Brightec, we all particularly enjoyed seeing her presentation. Learnt loads.

As a nice bonus, the venue was comfortable and a superb environment. Thankfully the food and drinks were up to scratch too.


'You don't have to re-invent the wheel' seemed to be the mantra of the meet-up. Of course, meet-ups like this are perfect ways to help us all not to do that!

I was able to pick up some really useful Androids resources and tips. Learning to tell bitmaps to load a scaled version into memory was a particular, well, memory.

Particularly enjoyed hearing Nick Kuh, I look forward to watching that back again.


Seren mentioned this website for app inspiration and it is awesome!

The turnout was amazing, and it turns out there is a great bunch of mobile developers based in Brighton.

Videos to follow...

We'll be getting the videos of Seren & Nick's talks from the meet-up online shortly.

We also created a brief storify that captures the best of the #brightonmobbers tag from the event.

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