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Here’s a proven fresh approach to blog writing that works for us

Way back when, you began a blog, posted regularly for a while (2 weeks?!), and now you’re struggling for inspiration. We’ve all been there. Or maybe it’s your turn to write a post for your company’s blog and you’re unsure what to write? Perhaps you’re aware of the power of AI, but it can’t generate the ideas for you.

You’re stuck for inspiration, and now a Google search has landed you here, hoping for a helpful answer.

Well, good news, you’re in the right place.

We often forget the lessons we’ve learned, the knowledge we’ve accrued and how far we’ve come. This approach helps you see, in a fresh way, quite how valuable what you’ve learned is to many other people.

5 Questions to Ask when Writing a Blog

1. What things have you learned in your job role over the last 5 years that you wish you could go back and tell an earlier version of yourself?

This could be anything from new skills you learned in your job role, to better meeting etiquette, clever shortcuts in the software you use or managing others more effectively.

Whatever your job sector or role, you will have learned things in the last 5 years that someone else (likely hundreds of people) is just about to find out. Your experience would be so valuable to them.

Write down the top 5 lessons you’ve learned. Each one of those could easily be a blog post.

2. Stretching back much further. Talk to the young, clueless, just-starting-my-career self – what would you want to tell them? Boil it down to 5 bits of work advice – what would they be?

Don’t underestimate what a decade of work experience amounts to. You have more wisdom and insight than you’re aware!

You can use hooks like:

  • 5 things I wish someone told me about being an Architect

  • 5 lessons I learned from 10 years in Photography

  • 5 mistakes I made whilst becoming a Chef

3. What’s been the biggest challenge in your career, and how did you overcome it?

This could be anything from a personal challenge – eg. I kept on failing my accountancy exams, but in the end, I found a way to study that helped me.

To a very functional challenge—e.g., a really demanding project we never thought we’d complete, but we managed to crack it.

Overcoming challenges in the workplace is par for the course. Whether financial, relational, project, work-life, or other challenges, no one is exempt from them.

What have you learned, and how did you do it?

This is invaluable information that could support and/or inspire a lot of people.

4. What hacks, tips and tricks have changed the game for you in your job role, in your particular niche?

This could be software tricks or self-organisation hacks.

For example, I use daily snippets at 9:30 a.m. to present to my line manager what 3 priorities I’m focusing on that day. (Note that they didn’t ask for this, but it’s a tool to help my ADHD brain stay focused on the right thing at the right time!)

Maybe you’ve found a neat way to use AI in Photoshop or video editing. It doesn’t have to be amazingly unique, if you struggled and found something that worked, that information is gold dust to someone else!

It could be anything. People are literally Googling all these problems right now – and the chances are, you have the solutions to some of them. So write them up, and get them in a blog post!

5. What’s one functional problem you have a neat solution to?

Think about your job role. You have a specific set of expertise. Whether it’s wine tasting, web development, songwriting or marketing, there are specific problems that you are uniquely positioned to solve. What are they? List them out.

From our experience, ‘How to’ posts often get the most traffic. You’re guiding someone through a specific problem. From an SEO point of view, Google is constantly trying to match answers to people’s questions. Your ‘how to’ blog could be the exact answer to someone’s Google.

Next steps...

Here’s the beautiful thing about this process. Each of these things have innately come out of you – which means you’ll be able to write on these topics effortlessly. You’re an expert on these topics because they are your experience. You’ll be able to smash out a super high-value blog post in no time.

So. Go back, answer the questions, pick one and write that blog.

I look forward to reading it ;)

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