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E-commerce Mobile App Development

Award-winning e-commerce app development for iOS, Android and Web.

The rapid growth of online shopping has seen more and more customers demand quick, easy access to products. Many retailers are leading the digital revolution with fantastic bespoke made retail apps that meet users needs.

For retailers like you, the need to capture loyalty in an ever-moving market is essential. Consumers increasingly want to browse and order products in whatever environment they find themselves on a multitude of mobile devices.

E-commerce Application Development Company

The KitchenCraft app is an example of E-commerce app development

Retail App Development Company

Our team deliver creative iOS and Android e-commerce app solutions for a variety of retailers and related businesses.

We guide our clients through every stage of the retail app development process to ensure we deliver the very best end product.

Our expertise is in creating mobile and tablet retail applications which put the user first, improving their customer experience and enabling them to place more orders in less time.

Chris, Jonny and Caz discussing e-commerce app development in the bright office

Retail App Development

Brightec has developed bespoke e-commerce apps that have helped streamline our client’s warehouse and inventory management while enhancing the user’s experience and increasing their engagement with the app. Both of these factors vastly improve conversion rates and result in more orders.

We have also implemented mapping functionality into retail apps to provide users with options such as click and collect, or store finders.

We thrive on complex projects which handle large amounts of products and data, for retail app development this even makes it possible to have multiple baskets for the same user.

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KitchenCraft iPad application is great example of a retail app for tablets

E-commerce App Development

E-commerce has revolutionised the way people shop and mobile apps are increasing the convenience of online shopping. Mobile apps provide a perfect platform for personalised offers, rewards and discounts to entice users to engage more with your app. Built-in analytics enable your business to see customer habits and tailor your notifications to maximise your offering.

Our e-commerce app development team will advise and guide you through the process, working collaboratively to design and build an app which perfectly meets your business needs.

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