Track My Pension: The Accessible Pension App for Willis Towers Watson

Track My Pension is Willis Towers Watson’s master trust. It provides a workplace pension scheme for multi-employer organisations, helping members’ take control of their finances.

Two Track My Pension account screens on a purple background.

Willis Towers Watson’s Track My Pension App

Brightec has developed numerous financial products for Willis Towers Watson since we began working with them in 2013. Their portfolio spans across mobile apps and web dashboards.

The Track My Pension app was the first pension app we built for Willis Towers Watson. It allowed us to overcome challenges in development that would go on to benefit future Willis Towers Watson projects, such as LifeSight.

Track My Pension: Project Scope

Willis Towers Watson have a reputation for delivering clear and engaging communications. We were tasked with delivering an easy-to-use application that displayed pension information in an easy-to-understand format.

Track My Pension account screen, displayed on a phone.

Everything we do at Brightec is with the aim to make peoples’ lives easier. So, when Track My Pension approached us to discuss the need for a pension app, we were keen to help.

Willis Towers Watson needed an app that would provide members fast and easy access to their pension information. From incomings and outgoings to investments and employer contributions, everything had to be displayed in an easy-to-understand format.

Making Pensions Simple

Pensions can be a complicated topic. According to a survey by Standard Life, three out of four people don’t know how much they have in their pension savings. The lack of pension understanding across age groups highlights the importance of increasing engagement in retirement funds.

Track My Pension has been built with this in mind, providing faster and simpler access to savings and pension information. The app enhances the members experience, helping them take control of their finances sooner.

Developing the Track My Pension App: Initial Challenges

App development is full of challenges. Working out the most user-friendly solutions is what we enjoy most!

One of the key challenges we faced at the beginning of the project was the very outdated system delivering data to the app. This caused everything to load slowly, resulting in an app that disengaged users rather than a financial app that served their needs.

Improving App Load Time

During the app development process, we needed clever solutions to predict users’ needs in advance. By asking for information in a different order, we were able to improve the app’s load time from 15 seconds to 11 seconds without making any data changes. This improved app performance and increased engagement and usability, thus making peoples’ lives easier (something we’re all about at Brightec!)

Beginning the App Development Process

The customer’s experience is Willis Towers Watson’s top priority. At Brightec, everything we do starts and ends with the user, making us a match made in financial app development heaven.

We were delighted to work with Willis Towers Watson on the development of the Track My Pension app. Working together helped us deliver an app that gave the information users needed, in the way they needed it.

Discovery Workshop

We love working collaboratively at Brightec, both as a team and with our clients. Every project we take on begins with a Discovery Workshop. This was a chance for us to meet with Willis Towers Watson and discuss their vision and requirements for their app.

According to our Creative Director, Josh O’Riordan, Discovery Workshops “are a fun but structured way of getting to know our clients and understand what they want from their app. The aim is to create a space where they can open up to us and feel comfortable to share their visions.”

We spent a full day with Willis Towers Watson in the Brightec office, discussing the project, the client’s vision, and design concepts. It was a great way to kick off and after plenty of chat, lots of sticky notes, cookies and a few-too-many coffees, we were full of ideas - and sugar.

App Testing Days

Throughout the app development process we invited Willis Towers Watson to the Brightec offices for App Testing Days. This enabled the company to test the Track My Pension app in real time, share their thoughts, and suggest any changes.

Collaborative testing days like these are a great asset to our development process and ensure we can deliver a product that meets the client’s specifications and the users’ needs.

User Testing

One thing we learned during the Discovery Workshop was that the world of finance can be very confusing. We needed to develop an app that simplified this complex topic and made pension information more accessible.

So, we tested the app on those who’d understand it best - professionals in the financial services industry. These financial experts understand the intricacies of banking, insurance, and investing, so were best positioned to comment on the simplicity and usability of the Track My Pension App.

The results of our user testing provided invaluable insights into the app’s usability, presentation, and simplicity. This was vital in our delivery of the final product.

Three Track My Pension app screens.

Track My Pension: App Features

The Track My Pension App design and functionality has been stripped back to keep things as simple as possible. The app only displays information users need to know.

Much like a banking app, TMP displays users’ key account information, including pension transactions and investments, so they can easily keep track of their finances.

Let’s have a browse of the app’s main features.

The Homepage

The app’s homepage displays a summary of the user’s essential account information. It’s a simple design that reduces distraction and helps the user quickly find what they’re looking for. The simplified pension savings summary is easy to see and helps users to feel in control.


The Investments tab breaks down a user’s information into more detail. It provides information into employer and personal contributions, as well as where money is being invested. This gives users a better understanding of their finances.

Transactions Overview

This gives the user a detailed list of their transactions, for full transparency into their incoming and outgoing payments. The Transactions Overview helps users understand their money better so they can make informed decisions.

Unit Price History

The Unit Price History tab breaks down the user’s account information into a little more detail. Here the user can view their pension summary, see where their money is being invested, and look at incomings and outgoings. Investments are displayed in concise graphics making the information easy to digest.

Each of these app features was developed specifically to simplify the pension process for users. Information is delivered clearly, with minimal distraction, to help users find what they’re looking for and make informed decisions about their retirement funds.

Willis Towers Watson, Track My Pension home screen.

Delivering the Track My Pension App

Upon release, the app was received well by both Willis Towers Watson and their users. In fact, usability has grown steadily over time with an average of 20,000 monthly users.

Track My Pension is 99% crash free, making it a stable and reliable pension app that both Willis Towers Watson and their customers love. We are proud to have delivered an app that makes understanding pensions easier.

Ongoing Willis Towers Watson Projects

Since Track My Pension was released to the public, we have continued working on further app development projects with the Willis Towers Watson team creating financial planning tools that make pensions more accessible for everyone.

Our work with Willis Towers Watson

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