Retail App Development

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Retail App Development

We’re experienced in retail app development. We've built successful & award-winning iOS and Android mobile applications for retail brands and services.

Retail mobile apps

We work with top retail organisations to develop mobile apps to help meet a variety of business needs, from streamlining warehousing operations, to making ordering stock easier than ever.  We talk our clients through every stage of the retail app development process to ensure we deliver the very best end product.

Our team are experienced in creating mobile, tablet and web applications for iOS and Android, having developed bespoke retail apps that have helped our clients vastly improve user engagement and manage customer retention.

We design and build (front and backend) mobile apps to improve the user experience and ordering process. Our intelligent iOS and Android app solutions have enabled our clients to keep consistency across web and app, integrating log-in and customer account functions. We have also implemented mapping functionality into retail apps to provide users with options such as click and collect, or store finders.

We thrive on complex projects which handle large amounts of products and data, for retail app development this even makes it possible to have multiple baskets for the same user.

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Our story

At Brightec, we  understand the complexities of retail app development and are confident in building mobile applications to suit each of our client’s needs. Our studio in Brighton is somewhere we love to be and our clients often join us here to work collaboratively on their project.

We have a specialist team of designers and mobile app developers who are driven to create user-centred mobile apps. Our Agile process is constantly refined to ensure we work as efficiently as possible, with the high-quality results we expect.

Our successes

"Brightec have been a superb partner over the past few years. They have added so much to our business, and always deliver on the projects.” Ziffit

"Brightec went above & beyond to make a great user experience. They certainly lived up to all the claims they made in the selection process." Marine Conservation Society

Making it happen

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