Android Programming: The Big Nerd Ranch Guide

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We reviewed the Android programming guide from The Big Nerd Ranch

An excellent resource

These are the droids you’re looking for. Well, at least that’s the claim of The Big Nerd Ranch who’ve produced this excellent Android programming guide called (inventively); ‘Android Programming: The Big Nerd Ranch Guide’.

This Android guide is an excellent resource. It’s aimed primarily at developers who already have experience with Java and are wanting to learn how to develop with Android.

Get a deeper understanding

All their guides - they’ve also produced guides for Objective-C Programming (onto it’s 2nd Edition) and iOS Programming (now on it’s 4th itteration) - are based on their popular Bootcamps and as you work through the book you'll feel like a participant on their course, with an experienced instructor leading you step by step.

Core concepts and real-world design patterns are gradually introduced as you build a number of increasingly complex applications.

Extra challenges provide opportunity for self-learning and sections entitled 'For the More Curious' provide a deeper understanding of the Android platform both of which help consolidate what you have learnt.

A second edition...

A second edition of the book is due out at the end of July (pre-order it on Amazon) which will include updates to the Android platform including coverage of Lollipop, material design and will be based on Android Studio, the official development IDE.

If you just can't wait you can get the first edition on Amazon right now.

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