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Nick Holcombe


Senior Developer

Nick graduated from the University of Brighton with a degree in Computer Science and Biology. With over 25 years’ experience as a developer, Nick is also an Android enthusiast who is passionate about continuously learning and developing best practices.

Discover more about Nick in this interview.

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Blog Posts

A photo of Nick and Alistair working at a desk together Culture
How to connect with your team in a remote setting

The events of 2020 gave most of us cause to rethink the ways we work.

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Podcasting to those without Internet access Android
Podcasting to those without Internet access

Creating a phone number which plays podcasts over the phone from an RSS feed or JSON object

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Nick Holcombe Headshot on the firebase app distribution blog post Android
Firebase App Distribution: Improving our sharing process

We wanted to make sharing our apps with testers easier, Nick explains how we went about it

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Android Blog Post Featured Image Android
HowTo: Creating a Barcode in Kotlin Android
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Nick at Brightec In Depth
Building a Fibonacci Watch Face for Wear OS
We've been exploring golden spirals and wearable devices.
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In-depth coding image In Depth
How to finish an Open Source project (gracefully)
Rate the app: our fourth and final instalment in a series about creating an Open Source library.
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Coding Ideas Featured Android
Extending the ListAdapter with a header view
For all Android app developers tackling the issue of scrolling, read on...
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Android Android
Android O brings new features to Notifications
Notifications pose a tricky challenge for developers. Discover the extra tools Android O gives us to help.
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Android Android
Why you should care whether your app was built using Google Firebase
Are you looking for a Rolls-Royce, tried and tested solution for your app? Does Google Firebase provide that and, if so, should you care?
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Android library Android
Distributing your Library using JCenter
Rate The App - Part Three: Distributing your Library using JCenter
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How much does an app cost Android
Android Pay arrives in the UK
Android Pay is finally here in the UK. Here's what we make of it.
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Android library Android
Open source your Android Library
Rate The App - Part Two: Making your Android Library Open Source
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Android library Android
Creating an Android Library

Rate The App - Part One: The story of creating an Android Library.

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Android ideas main Android
Android Marshmallow and SimpleDateFormat
Android Marshmallow and a breaking change with SimpleDateFormat
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Android TV Dev ideas main Android
Building Apps for Android TV

Our advice on designing and building apps for Android TV.

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Google 5 Reviews
Google Developer Day for Agencies
We attended an invite-only Developers Day hosted by Google.
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Default Blog Image of logo on blue Reviews
Android Programming: The Big Nerd Ranch Guide
We reviewed the Android programming guide from The Big Nerd Ranch
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Default blog image of logo on blue Android
Calling RESTful APIs with Retrofit
How to call RESTful APIs with Retrofit (in just 3 steps)
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Default blog image of logo on yellow Reviews
A taste of the Brighton Digital Catapult
A testing facility for modern day trebuchets? No. Well, not that we know of.
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Default blog image of logo on black iOS
Best practice in app tracking
App tracking (analytics) holds obvious benefits to developers and their clients but it can be fraught with difficulty. How much and what tracking is needed? What is ‘best practice’ for tracking?
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