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Alistair Sykes


Senior Developer

Graduating from Birmingham University in 2014, Alistair has been part of the Brightec team for over five years. He’s primarily focused on the Android platform but is equally skilled working with iOS. He is driven to produce innovative Android products with a strong focus on best practices.

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Alistair Sykes Profile


Blog series
Writing An API

This in-depth blog series offers a step-by-step guide for mobile development teams.

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Blog Posts

Alistair looking at his screen Our Code
How has ‘Tap to Focus’ evolved over the years on Android?

The state of Android Camera: Tap to Focus

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Headshot of Alistair Our Code
How to use JAXB bindings with WSDL to separate schemas into different packages

Multi Schema WSDL and separate packages

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Alistair working at his desk alongside Rhys Our Code
Internationalise your multi-module Spring Boot Application

Alistair pinpoints how and where to define your user-facing strings.

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WSDL client generation with Kotlin and Gradle Our Code
WSDL client generation with Kotlin and Gradle

How to use JAXWS to generate HTTP client code using the Gradle Kotlin DSL.

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Alistair and Rhys working alongside each other Android
Introducing Vectordrawable-Seekable

Using the new and improved AnimatedVectorDrawable to pause and seek your animations.

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Alistair holding Android character Android
Education through motion

Using motion can subtly educate Android users about how objects move and interact with each other

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Kotlin Multiplatform iOS Certificate Pinning iOS
Kotlin Multiplatform iOS: Certificate Pinning

How to implement certificate pinning in Kotlin Multiplatform using Ktor

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Kotlin Multiplatform Android/iOS: Connecting coding and culture Our Code
Kotlin Multiplatform Android/iOS: Coding and culture
How does Kotlin Multiplatform affect your development culture?
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Kotlin Multiplatform Android/iOS: Testing Our Code
Kotlin Multiplatform Android/iOS: Testing

A how-to guide on writing tests within Kotlin Multiplatform.

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Kotlin Multiplatform iOS
Kotlin Multiplatform Android/iOS: Project Structure Strategies

A guide to how should you structure your multiplatform project?

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Alistair XMLCheck Our Code
Writing an XML style checker with Clikt

How we went about creating tooling to maintain high-quality code.

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Brightec Android Icon Android
Mockk.io - our new mocking framework

What is mockk.io and why have we adopted it in our team?

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Brightec Android Icon In Depth
Google PlayStore internal app sharing
We set out to start deploying apps to internal app sharing within our CI system.
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Brightec Android Icon Android
Google PlayStore automated deployment with AAB
Updating our deployment scripts to use Android App Bundles
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Brightec Android Icon In Depth
CameraX: An Introduction
We explore Google's answer to the complexity of the camera APIs
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Brightec Code In Depth
Given When Then - Our Testing Approach
We've been looking into why we write tests and how we go about them
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Brightec Android Icon Android
Android Threads & Coroutines for Beginners
What is threading? Why is it important for Android? And where does Kotlin fit in?
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Brightec Code Android
Flutter - is this the answer?
Could Google's cross-platform solution solve all our problems?
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Android 2018 Android
How To Create a Dashboard on Android TV
We recently re-launched our dashboard on Android TV with some great results.
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In-depth coding image Android
Handling International Addresses in Android
How to structure your data to handle different address formats from around the world.
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Android 2018 Android
Google PlayStore and automated deployment
We recently set out to automatically deploy an apk to the PlayStore to speed up our distribution process.
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Android Mobile App Development Android
Creating a Selectable Cluster Map
We explored using Google Maps to create a map with selectable markers that cluster together.
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Android Development and ConnectivityDataLive Android
Our Android development team look at using Android Architecture Components to provide an observable interface to our connectivity status.
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How a mobile app developer writes an API 1 Android
Writing an API - a mobile developer story
This in-depth blog series offers a step-by-step guide for mobile development teams.
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Google App Engine Top Tips 1 Android
Three tricks for working with Google App Engine
Using Google App Engine and looking for some useful tips? Then read on...
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Scaling on Google App Engine 1 Android
Scaling on Google App Engine
On a recent mobile app project using Google Cloud Platform, we had issues with instances not scaling as expected. So we took a closer look to understand what was happening.
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User Authentication for Cloud SQL 1 Android
User Authentication for Cloud SQL
When using Cloud SQL for databasing on a project, we needed a solution to ensure the right people could access the right information.
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How to set up Cloud SQL in Java Brightec illustration Android
Setting up Cloud SQL in Java
Are you setting up Cloud SQL within a Java project using Android Studio? Read on - and hopefully we can point you in the right direction!
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How Brightec mobile app developers use Google Cloud Endpoints 1 Our Code
Using Google Cloud Endpoints
APIs need protecting - when we were recently using Google App Engine we explored Google Cloud Endpoints and utilised them to improve the security.
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Queued tasks on App Engine for Firebase 1 Our Code
Queued tasks on App Engine for Firebase
We’ve recently been exploring Google App Engine with Firebase. Here’s how we queued tasks between them.
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Brightec discuss Firebase Cloud Functions 1 In Depth
Trigger Firebase Cloud Functions
How do you trigger Firebase Cloud Functions when a file gets uploaded? We recently needed to take regularly updated text files and read them into a database. Here’s how we used Firebase to do it.
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Google Ideas Featured Android
Firebase Database explained
Struggling to understand Firebase Database? Here is our explanation from an SQL perspective
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Asset Prep Design
How to work best with your designers
The relationship between developer and designer is crucial in any development team. In this article, one of our developers gives his perspective on how they can work well together.
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Kotlin Android
Kotlin is here. So what?
All about the new programming language - Kotlin. It’s features, strengths, and weaknesses.
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Android Android
Code snippets in Espresso
A few snippets from Espresso - the automated testing framework for Android
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Talking Android
Working with Layer Messaging
Some hints and tips for working with Layer - the messaging service provider.
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Google Ideas Featured Image Android
Google Pixel Event
At the most recent Google event, they showed off their future vision (plus their iPhone killer).
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Brightec developed iOS camera that replicates system camera app 1 Android
How to get your notifications noticed (on Android)
Notifications must be utilised with wisdom and cunning. Here's how to do it on Android
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Google I/O 2016 1 Android
Google I/O 2016
Take a more detailed look at our reflections on Google IO 2016.
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Android TV Development TV Apps
Top tips for Android TV development
Our top tips for developing Android (& Amazon Fire) TV apps.
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Alistair ideas Android
Android animations
A few solutions for easily executing Android animations
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Google 4 Reviews
Google September Event 2015
What did Google announce at their recent annual press conference?
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Google Codelab Reviews
Google Codelab - Android TV
Recently we attended a Google Codelab devoted to Android TV.
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Default blog image of logo on blue Android
Android Studio Improvements
What can we expect to find in the upcoming (and ongoing) improvements to Android Studio?
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Default blog image of logo on green Reviews
Straight out the box - hudl2
We got our hands on the new Tesco tablet - the hudl2 and subjected it to an 'out of the box' review.
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