Becoming a Brightecoid

Joining the Brightec team  1
What does it mean to work at Brightec? We had a good long think about just that.

Not The Walking Dead

A year ago I thought becoming a ‘Brightecoid’ would probably have involved me being cast as an extra in some dystopian thriller movie (think Dr Who meets The Walking Dead).

Fortunately, becoming a Brightecoid was far less gory.


It all started when I saw Brightec's advertisement looking for someone who could organise their CD collection alphabetically. I knew straight away I had to apply.

Within a mere five minutes of applying for the Project Administrator role at Brightec I knew this company had an edge.

Andy responded straight away. He thanked me for my application, provided a little update on the current status of the vacancy and outlined the expected timescale before candidates would be invited to the interview stage.

For anyone that has recently been part of the job hunt, you’ll understand how much that means and how sadly rare that kind of response is.

Bacon butties, stand-up meetings and poker

I left the office after an intense interview (thanks for the warning that I’d be grilled separately by three of you in quick succession guys!) feeling excited, inspired and desperately hoping I’d done enough to get the job.

After some research on their website and the small insight into the company by meeting some of the staff, I knew this company was all about; people, communication and building on our strengths and successes.

My week now includes a weekly Bacon Monday Meeting (vegetarians are catered for too!), daily stand-up meetings and lunch times around the kitchen table chatting. There is, unsurprisingly, plenty of friendly competition on the latest app/games — they will stretch to a card game if Steve gets his way.

Everyone is made to feel valued and knows their input and opinion count.

Brightecoids are hungry

The team are all creative, fun, innovative, supportive and driven.

What’s more, they actually like working here (or they’re really great at pretending to!). They’re proud of Brightec and the work they do.

All the Brightecoids are hungry for knowledge. It can be a little intimidating but it's refreshing to work for a company that constantly strives to develop and improve.

I have so much to learn about how a small company runs, not to mention all the components involved in developing an app.

It seems there is an app for everything but I’ll save that discovery for another blog, once I’ve got my head around all the keyboard shortcuts and clever software that is part of daily Brightec life…

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