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Caz Houghton


Company Coordinator

Caz thrives on organisation and is instrumental in looking after the wellbeing of our team so that we are as productive as possible. She manages much of our marketing as well as the day-to-day running of our studio space and assisting various members of the team. In addition, Caz is a skilled yoga practitioner, believing in a holistic approach to mind and body and the importance of work-life balance.

Discover more about Caz in this interview.

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Essential Brightec
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Blog Posts

A photo of the office in Brighton Organise
Brightec Studio Spaces

A historic look at the blog posts around Brightec's relationship with office spaces

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The Brightec team playing volleyball on the beach Organise
Brightec named Employer of the Year

We’re a team fuelled by continuous improvement and vast quantities of coffee, pastries and dad jokes. If pressed, we’d say it’s the coffee that keeps us grounded…

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An illustration of pulling a cracker Culture
2021: Brightec's year in review

Before we welcome the new year, let's first reflect and appreciate all that came in 2021

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Night time photo of city lights Organise
Brightec partners with Global strategic engineering and environmental consultancy

Brightec has begun the discovery phase of development for Ricardo’s proof of concept app, and it's a project that is geographically and ethically close to our hearts

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Illustration of champagne glasses Culture
Brightec named Best App Development Agency

The Brightec team is delighted to have been recognised as the Best App Development Agency of 2021

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An illustration of cycling up a new path and people cheering Culture
Onboarding at Brightec

Joining any new team can be daunting. And probably never more true than joining a team renowned for its outstanding company culture.

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An illustration of bees flying towards their nest Culture
Essential Brightec

Brightec has evolved, changed, adapted, shrunk, adjusted, grown and prospered as a business, and a team, since its founding days in a garden shed.

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An illustration of mindfulness Culture
Team Wellbeing

As an employer, we recognise our responsibility to support our staff. Our ethos is for work to be enjoyable but that life, health and happiness are more important.

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An illustration of a user's phone during user testing In Depth
User Testing

We love to learn by studying and sharing the knowledge of our business and the projects we work on. We never want to settle for ok and testing our apps with real users enables us to continually improve and deliver products that exceed expectations.

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Illustration of cogs Organise

We value the joy in both life and work. A good balance between the two goes hand in hand with productivity.

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Illustration of a trophy Culture
Awards & Success Stories

This series celebrates the achievements, acknowledgements and awards we have won

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Brightec team video screenshot Culture
Brightec in 2020

2020 is a year no-one will forget for a multitude of reasons. Here's the year at Brightec in review

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Waterstones and UK App Awards logos Organise
Waterstones app wins Best Retail/Shopping app of the year

The UK App Awards announced the 2020 winners via Twitter on Thursday 12th November and Brightec were popping the virtual champagne to hear our Waterstones app was named Best Retail/Shopping app of the year.

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Caz at her desk Culture
How can we make online meetings more engaging?

A team that eats together, stays together…. And we’re doing the best we can.

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Jotham relaxed at work Culture
What is Brightec life like online?

You know how it is. People ask how you are, and as humans, we tend to give a generic answer. We can tell you we’re doing well. But what’s really going on behind what you see and hear from Brightec at the moment?

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Caz and Elle taking part in a standup in the Brightec office Culture
What did you say?

Our Stand-Ups weren’t serving us as best they could, but its nothing a freshly brewed coffee couldn’t solve.

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Brightec onboarding process Culture
Onboarding the Brightec way
Staff engagement is vital, and first impressions matter
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Superengaged at work Culture
How to help your team thrive

A few simple things to help engage your team in their work.

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UK app agency awards shortlist Organise
Quadruple Awards Recognition Is Worth Shouting About
Brightec make the UK App Agency awards shortlist in four categories
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Caz at Brightec Culture
Growth in 2019

Our big vision for this year was ‘Rhys plus one’. We did a little more...

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Caz at Brightec Culture
How to develop the digital career you want
Helping young people in our digital community is really important to us at Brightec.
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Caz from mobile app developers Brightec Culture
How we keep clients happy and returning
We’re proud of the close working relationships we have with our clients.
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Brightec constantly update its processes Organise
Our process evolution
As an agile organisation, our landscape is constantly evolving, so we thought it was time to write a new blog about our process.
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Scrum planning blog Organise
Scrum again
Scrum Master Caz takes a look at how we strive to improve our processes
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Planning mobile app Sprints Organise
Sprinting differently
Planning sprints with lots of unknowns is hard. Here’s one way we’ve tried to make it easier.
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Design sprint Organise
Research and development in focus
Getting the most out of regular team research and development time.
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Talks Organise
Daily Scrum Guidelines
Some simple and fun guidelines to help you get the most out of your team’s scrum meetings.
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Organising Organise
Best practice in Issue Reporting
How to streamline and effectively manage your issue raising process
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Writing Organise
Glossary of terms
A glossary of terms for beginners to the world of development
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Writing Organise
Simple user stories

Simple steps for writing better user stories for you and your team.

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Joining the Brightec team  1 People
Becoming a Brightecoid
What does it mean to work at Brightec? We had a good long think about just that.
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