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Caz Houghton


Studio Manager

Caz is a talented and experienced Studio Manager who thrives on organisation and helping to deliver multiple projects on time and on budget. She’s a qualified Scrum Master and is instrumental in keeping the team, and our projects, running smoothly. In addition, Caz is a skilled yoga practitioner, believing in a holistic approach to mind and body and the importance of work-life balance.

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Blog Posts

Andy with his dog People
10 minutes with Andy

Brightec wouldn’t exist without Andy, and his garden shed

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Jotham relaxed at work Culture
What is Brightec life like online?

You know how it is. People ask how you are, and as humans, we tend to give a generic answer. We can tell you we’re doing well. But what’s really going on behind what you see and hear from Brightec at the moment?

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Josh O'Riordan headshot People
10 minutes with Josh

No one could forget our Creative Director Josh

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Our new team member Rob Culture
10 minutes with Rob

Meet Rob. The latest edition to our team.

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Caz and Elle taking part in a standup in the Brightec office Culture
What did you say?

Our Stand-Ups weren’t serving us as best they could, but its nothing a freshly brewed coffee couldn’t solve.

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Brightec onboarding process Culture
Onboarding the Brightec way
Staff engagement is vital, and first impressions matter
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Superengaged at work Culture
How to help your team thrive

A few simple things to help engage your team in their work.

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UK app agency awards shortlist Organise
Quadruple Awards Recognition Is Worth Shouting About
Brightec make the UK App Agency awards shortlist in four categories
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Caz at Brightec Culture
Growth in 2019

Our big vision for this year was ‘Rhys plus one’. We did a little more...

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Caz at Brightec Culture
How to develop the digital career you want
Helping young people in our digital community is really important to us at Brightec.
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Caz from mobile app developers Brightec Culture
How we keep clients happy and returning
We’re proud of the close working relationships we have with our clients.
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Brightec constantly update its processes Organise
Our process evolution
As an agile organisation, our landscape is constantly evolving, so we thought it was time to write a new blog about our process.
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Scrum planning blog Organise
Scrum again
Scrum Master Caz takes a look at how we strive to improve our processes
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Planning mobile app Sprints Organise
Sprinting differently
Planning sprints with lots of unknowns is hard. Here’s one way we’ve tried to make it easier.
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Design sprint Organise
Research and development in focus
Getting the most out of regular team research and development time.
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Talks Organise
Daily Scrum Guidelines
Some simple and fun guidelines to help you get the most out of your team’s scrum meetings.
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Organising Organise
Best practice in Issue Reporting
How to streamline and effectively manage your issue raising process
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Writing Organise
Glossary of terms
A glossary of terms for beginners to the world of development
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Writing Organise
Simple user stories

Simple steps for writing better user stories for you and your team.

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Joining the Brightec team  1 People
Becoming a Brightecoid
What does it mean to work at Brightec? We had a good long think about just that.
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