Elevate Your Workplace: Design your work patterns around your team

The Brightec team at work in the studio

So far in this series, we’ve looked at training, motivation and reward. But what about where, when and how the work happens?

We thought a lot about our Hybrid working pattern; what would serve the needs of the team and the individuals within whilst building on our culture and integrating this with what our clients need and expect. Click here to read more about how and why we knew we needed a physical studio for Brightec.

When we moved to Hybrid working, we treated each case individually, knowing that some people needed flexibility for child/pet care or commuting. Coaches, mentors and Directors worked with individuals to create the schedules we’ve now been settled in for 14 months which benefit everyone.

The hybrid working schedule for the Brightec team is shown in a table

Senior Developer Steve said; ‘I’m a huge advocate of the hybrid working pattern. Life unavoidably gets in the way, and with more traditional working patterns where there isn’t the same flexibility, even dealing with simple hiccups can quickly escalate into stressful situations. Hybrid working on the other hand, allows for wiggle room, and helps with that all-important mental clarity.

Head of Product Jotham added, ‘I've worked here for almost a decade and am convinced that the best route to long-term success for projects and profit is to value the people involved—our team, our clients, and the people who use our apps. I've been inspired to live the rest of my life with the same high emphasis on the people around me.

Much like developing a user-centred mobile app, we’ve found that when we put the team first and build the business around what they need and want, they have a better experience and want to keep coming back, doing their best and enjoying it.

Learn more about our hybrid way of working.

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