Brightec brand collaboration

Brightec brand collaboration
We recently helped our ecommerce friends further develop their brand identity.

At Brightec, we spend a lot of time thinking about our brand and our values and how we should go about conveying these ideas to the outside world. So when a former colleague asked for our input into branding at his new organisation, we relished the chance to help him with the design process, as well as offering more strategic input.

It’s different for every company, but at Brightec we aim for our values to inform every aspect of our culture and processes. If you'd like to read more about our thoughts on the concept of ‘brand consciousness’ check out our blog post, What is Brand Consciousness and Why is it Important?

Mike Spence worked in a business development role at Brightec for several years. He now heads-up the digital team over at Venture Blue, ecommerce and logistics specialists. In particular, Mike has been instrumental in redeveloping the Gift & Gadget Store and The Suncare Shop websites.

Working with Josh initially, we collaborated on early brand direction, including identifying business objectives and the larger story that the company wanted to tell. Jotham and Mike then worked together on a number of key design issues, from developing logos and text, to defining colour palettes and considering accessibility.

What we’ve discovered over the course of this mini project is that collaborating on branding for someone else really helps to hone your own brand objectives. We’ve also reconfirmed one of Brightec’s core values: that developing long-standing friendships really is the most important and rewarding way to do business!

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