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A historic look at the blog posts around Brightec's relationship with office spaces

An office means different things to different people. This collection of blogs explores why Brightec favours flexible working, over remote working and an insight into the decisions behind how, and where, we are working now

July 2015

Why we moved from New England House into Vantage Point and what we aimed to achieve in that space

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On the move
After five happy years we've outgrown our office and we have moved to a new & bigger HQ
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August 2016

How we created a space that reflected our values

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New office Organise
Creating a productive and collaborative office space
How to create both a productive and collaborative office space to help your business thrive
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June 2018

A line in the sand post, outlining our beliefs that remote working is not as good as flexible working

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MD of App Development Company Brightec Culture
Remote working and company culture
A good friend of ours recently tweeted about remote working, which reminded me that I’d been pondering writing a blog post on this subject for a while.
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April 2020

The changes we made to how we manage our team in the immediate aftermath of being forced to work remotely

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Andy sitting in the Brightec office smiling as he thinks about leading a remote team Organise
How I'm adapting to manage a remote team

Like many, I have been thrust into the completely new situation of leading our team remotely.

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June 2020

An explanation of our decision to let the lease on our office expire at the start of Covid

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The brightec office in Brighton Organise
Why we're leaving our office behind

How is it possible that after five years in Vantage Point, we’re leaving behind a space that reflected our values for so long? I thought I’d take a few moments to explain our thinking and what might be next.

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April 2022

Why we've signed a five-year lease on a new office

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A panoramic photo of the river by the new studio Culture
We're thriving remotely, so why return to an office?

Brightec favours flexible working, over remote working. This blog reflects on the last few years, our decisions and the choices that led to where we are now

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September 2022

Our new studio was designed around how we work, and what our team needs to thrive

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Alistair and Rob at their desks in the new studio Culture
Making things aesthetically better

We’re loving working in-person with the team again, and welcoming clients to our new home on the river

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