How to help your team thrive

Superengaged at work

A few simple things to help engage your team in their work.

Can less be more?

Brightec wants to be a great place to work, we really do want to be a place that people love working for. But how does that impact the company from the productivity and profitably point of view?

Anyone that knows Brightec will be aware that we’re a passionate bunch. Passionate about our work, our team and our clients’ aspirations for their products. And our own dreams.

When you are in an environment that actively encourages and supports your wider ventures, it can be easy to forget how unique our culture is. To us, team breakfast on Monday mornings is a norm; a chance to talk about our weekends and share what is happening in our lives outside of the office. Which usually includes someone having played at gig, or come near the top of the league table at a weight lifting competition.

Its the acceptance from Andy that each of our team has other interests they want to pursue, and his willingness for people to do so, that allows us to find a good work/life balance. In a word, its freedom. In a sentence, it is one of our core values; ‘Lovers of life’.

Allowing, in fact encouraging, employees to have side projects (also see more about our R&D focus) and other interests sounds bizarre to many people. When people are at work surely you want them to be fully invested in the work they are in. Of course. But we’re functioning proof that giving staff space to dream, create and follow other passions, actually makes them more engaged in their work.

This is why we love flexible working hours, remote working on Fridays and some of our team members work reduced hours.

Happy people do better work

‘75% of job success is predicted by your optimism levels, your social support and ability to stress as a challenge rather than a threat. ‘

Shawn Anchor, author of The Happiness Advantage, has written about the brain working better when someone feels happy. Research has shown that humans tend to be better at solving problems and more creative when they are feeling positive. That's pretty handy for a mobile app development team that thrives on creating beautifully designed, user-friendly products!

Anchor also promotes research suggesting that workers collaborate more effectively when they are happy. Again, in a workspace which focuses on a collaborative approach to business, it is productive to have a happy team.

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