Onboarding at Brightec

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Joining any new team can be daunting. And probably never more true than joining a team renowned for its outstanding company culture.

These blogs explore how we welcome new starters to our team, and our own onboarding experiences.

Onboarding the Brightec way

Brightec doesn’t have an in-house Human Resource employee, so onboarding is a shared task. Just like anything at Brightec, we all play a part in taking responsibility for getting a job done well. Each team member carves out time to make new employees feel welcome.

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Brightec onboarding process Culture
Onboarding the Brightec way
Staff engagement is vital, and first impressions matter
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How does it feel to start a new job remotely?

Ellie shares her experience of starting a new job in the midst of a pandemic, when the majority of interaction with her new employer/team was via video links and Slack

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