Onboarding the Brightec way

Brightec onboarding process
Staff engagement is vital, and first impressions matter

We pride ourself on being a good employer. Our priority is to design and develop high-quality mobile apps, through a team of people who each feel engaged, trusted, supported and individually appreciated.

This is also why (more often than not) we recruit people that we already know - because each of us would recommend Brightec to our friends and family. Knowing many of our new team members means they already have a good idea of our culture but it’s still important to make a lasting first impression when they start.

Beginning well

Imagine you’ve accepted a job at Brightec. You arrive on your first day, excited about how your skills will help take us to the next level in our continuous development mission.

Your desk will already be set up for you with the following arranged neatly:

Onboarding documents; ‘Beginning Well’ is your personalised guide to your first month at Brightec

A reading list of books which have helped us sculpt our culture

A Brightec Notebook


A welcome card signed by each of the team, and some chocolates/sweets (because a sweet tooth is our unofficial trademark)

These feel like minor gestures to us, just an expression of our culture that gives out the vital message we want all of our team to live by.

  • We’re excited to welcome you onboard
  • We want you to feel comfortable and trust us
  • Productivity does not need to be stressful

Happy employee equation

Brightec does not have an in-house Human Resource employee, so onboarding is a shared task. Just like anything at Brightec, we all play a part in taking responsibility for getting a job done well. Each team member carves out time to make new employees feel welcome.

Within the ‘Beginning Well’ document, a technical coach and a more general coach are assigned, each of the other team members will be listed for you to ask about various part of our process and working day. Perhaps the most important is the invitation for 1:1 coffees with each of the team so you get to know them and visa versa.

At the core, Brightec believes;

Happy employees = good work + happy clients

This simple equation is often overlooked or forgotten when faced with the pressures of day-to-day operations.

We’re always honest so we’ll admit that we dropped the ball a little recently, when a new member of the team started. We’d had staff sickness and a very busy few weeks (yes we’re making excuses), so we had to apologise on Rob’s first day that his ‘Beginning Well’ document wasn’t as personalised as it should have been.

His response? He was delighted to be handed so much information in one document, literally sugar-coated with liquorice allsorts. It was a stark reminder that even having such a document is impressive by most companies’ standards.

If you don’t know us by now

Brightec is invested in its employees and work-life balance is an actuality, not an idealisation that is held over employees' heads like a proverbial carrot.

The employee/employer relationship is a mutually beneficial one. We are all busy, but first impressions are everything. Lack of consideration when onboarding a new employee can lead to mistrust, feelings of being undervalued, confusion, and questioning why they even accepted the offer.

Aside from never wanting anyone to feel like this, the quicker an employee feels valued, the quicker they will become engaged with the rest of the team, our client and our work.

We’re keeping our fingers crossed that the confectionary was enough to keep our newest team member sweet.

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