Why work for Brightec?

Why work
We’re always on the lookout for skilled employees. Maybe you’ll fit in here.

Our team

We have a growing team, stuffed full of talent: iOS Developers, Android Developers, Project Managers, UX/UI Designers, New Business & Client specialists and Marketing gurus.

It takes such a team of experts to be one of the leading firms in the new digital hub emerging in Brighton and to offer full-service app development (including product development, design, build and testing).

Code royalty, not code rookie

At Brightec we don’t just employ any old code jockeys. We’re looking for world changers and dreamers. Code royalty, not code rookie. We want that rare breed who believe that whilst code won’t solve everything, they’ll make damn sure they give it a shot.

However, we’re no organisation for the sharp shooting lone ranger. Leave silver at the door.

It takes more than just developers

Of course, we're not just looking for developers. So if you still think code was put to bed by the Enigma machine in WW2 then you'll be just as welcome here.

We're often on the look out for UX/UI Designers, New Business & Client Services specialists and much more.

Culture eats strategy for breakfast

At Brightec our team buy into an organisational culture; a way of doing and being that strives for continuous improvement and top class results but never to the detriment of our team.

For us, process might not trump delivery, but it runs it pretty close. We don’t cut corners and we strive for sustainability of code. We set reasonable deadlines to minimise stress and pressure but we do work hard to get the ball across the line.

We’re smart not flashy; dreamers but still doers; highly social yet highly productive; experienced but always eager to learn.

Environment matters

Our present team boasts a broad range of experience but we all share in common a desire for high standards and continual improvement.

We invest in our staff through regular training and offer a generous pension package. We’ll also provide you with the right equipment and software to help you excel and we work hard to provide a productive office environment (whilst allowing plenty of flexibility for remote working).

We’re a friendly, highly social team and we make space for team away days, summer BBQs & Christmas parties.

We also aim to serve our wider digital community through our popular blog and as the primary organiser for the Brighton Mobile Meetup.

From startups to big business

We’re involved in numerous different projects from small startups with big dreams, through to burgeoning corporations wanting to reach into new market sectors.

We aim to creating exceptional, user focused, digital products within a client’s budget.

We work regularly on iOS, Android, Wearables and we’re always exploring new technology to keep ahead of the game.

Your new team?

Do you think you’ll fit in here? We’ll give you space, training and encouragement. You’ll love our ‘R&D afternoons’ and who could resist our infamous ‘Bacon Buttie Mondays’?

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