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Graduating from the University of Sussex with a degree in Computer Systems Engineering, Andy has since gained vast experience across the technology industry. He founded Brightec in 2006 with a mission to create a unique working environment, where work plays a supporting role in people’s lives. His personal ethos and passions have driven him to build a team that creates outstanding digital products while putting users at the heart of all decision-making.

Discover more about Andy in this interview.

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A panoramic photo of the river by the new studio Organise
We're thriving remotely, so why return to an office?

Brightec favours flexible working, over remote working. This blog reflects on the last few years, our decisions and the choices that led to where we are now

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silhouette image of a team Culture
How to measure your team's wellbeing with the new HappyTrack tool

We’ve developed a Slackbot to help you track your team members happiness, and improve your team’s wellbeing.

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Andy smiling during a meeting Organise
How to set the context for productive meetings

Meetings can easily be seen as a necessary evil, something as an individual you have to endure whilst as an organisation you have to initiate.

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The brightec office in Brighton Organise
Why we're leaving our office behind

How is it possible that after five years in Vantage Point, we’re leaving behind a space that reflected our values for so long? I thought I’d take a few moments to explain our thinking and what might be next.

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Andy sitting at a desk with one of the Brightec team Our Code
Refactoring with Empathy

Is it just me or do the words ‘refactor’ and ‘rearchitect’ fill you with dread?

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Andy sitting in the Brightec office smiling as he thinks about leading a remote team Organise
How I'm adapting to manage a remote team

Like many, I have been thrust into the completely new situation of leading our team remotely.

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Illustration of doughnut charts and a stopwatch to suggest monitoring time Culture
Why monitoring billable time is so important

Why we strongly think your agency should monitor billable time

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Andy Culture
How we rebuilt our company strategy
When tough times hit your business, how do you bounce back?
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Brightec Code Our Code
Why do we charge for bug fixing?
It’s a question that comes up regularly with new clients - we thought we’d shed some light.
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Andy at Brightec Culture
How to choose a mobile app agency
With so many agencies out there, how do you find one you can trust?
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MD of App Development Company Brightec Culture
Remote working and company culture
A good friend of ours recently tweeted about remote working, which reminded me that I’d been pondering writing a blog post on this subject for a while.
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user testing People
User Testing Interviews - An Interviewer’s Perspective
What can an interviewer do to get the most out of user testing?
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Apple & white label apps 1 In Depth
Apple & white label apps
Find out more about Apple's recent store cleanup and white label apps
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Seeking: Content Marketing Manager
We’re looking for a voice. Someone who knows not just how to write, tweet and buffer but someone who knows how to distil and convey a set of values and to project a culture.
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Organising Organise
Simple email management solutions
A few simple solutions to manage your love / hate relationship with email
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Awards Reviews
London Design Awards
We’re triple award winners! The apps we built for the Marine Conservation Society, Ziffit and Chinwag Messaging will all receive awards at the London Design Awards in February next year.
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Brightec Speaking Schedule Organise
Brightec Speaking Schedule
The team at Brightec are regularly speaking at events all around the country (and overseas). We believe it is part of our responsibility to serve the digital community and to contribute back where we have learned a thing or two. If you are around any of these venues or events, please do get in touch.
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Mike ideas Organise
Brightec Open Studio - Creating Company Culture
Culture can make or break an organisation. Get it right and you, your staff and your customers will reap the benefits. Pop along to our Open Studio and explore our company culture, discovering how we create and maintain it.
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New office Organise
Creating a productive and collaborative office space
How to create both a productive and collaborative office space to help your business thrive
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Aquaid People
Supporting AquAid

We're delighted to partner with AquAid as they strive to make a difference to people's lives.

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Child safety People
How to keep children safe on an iPhone & iPad
Online safety is an issue of increasing importance for families. In this article, Andy explores some simple ways to keep children safe on iPhones and iPads.
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Why work Organise
Responsible teams
How to foster an environment where staff take responsibility
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2015 ideas main Reviews
Brightec in 2015
As 2015 screeches to a halt, we thought we’d take a few minutes to look back on some of the stories here at Brightec in the last 12 months.
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Default blog image of logo on white People
On the move
After five happy years we've outgrown our office and we have moved to a new & bigger HQ
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Why work Culture
Why work for Brightec?
We’re always on the lookout for skilled employees. Maybe you’ll fit in here.
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Default blog image of logo on blue Reviews
Brightec in the news
We’ve been thrilled this week to see Brightec mentioned in our local press here in Brighton, and then also one of our apps was featured in the national press just a few days later.
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Default blog image of logo on green Reviews
Clear Computing School Challenge
This week I was privileged to be a part of the judging and mentoring panel for the Clear Computing Schools Challenge Day
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Default blog image of logo on green Organise
Why blog?
Why do we put so much time, effort and resource into regularly producing blog posts?
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Default blog image of logo on yellow People
Brightec in 2014
Surrounded by a mountain of mince pies, we thought we’d take some time to reminisce about some of the thrills and spills of 2014
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Default blog image of logo on white People
This week at Brightec 28.11

This week we’ve been playing desk roulette at Brightec HQ.

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Default blog image of logo on blue Organise
Giving great interviews
What kind of staff do we recruit and how do we interview them?
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Default blog image of logo on green Our Code
Free online XLIFF editor
At WWDC 2014 there were a number of noteworthy releases from Apple. One that gathered perhaps a little less attention was the adoption of the XLIFF file format.
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Default blog image of logo on yellow People
Brightec's big day out
Last week we took an outing into the great outdoors to spend some time together.
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Default blog image of logo on blue In Depth
Buying on Mobile
Buying physical products and real-world services on iPhone
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Default blog image of logo on green iOS
Brightec's thoughts on WWDC 2014
On the 2-6 June Apple held their Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in San Francisco.
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Default blog image of logo on dark grey iOS
App downloads: Apple versus Google
We wanted to find out which platform has the most number of app download?
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Default blog image of logo on white iOS
Why build a native mobile app over an HTML5 web app?
This is a question we have been asked many times over the years and doesn’t seem to be going away.
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Default blog image of logo on blue iOS
3 interesting articles on iOS7 and new iPhone devices
A few articles about iOS7 and the new iPhone we found interesting and helpful.
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Default blog image of logo on green Organise
3 Tips For Managing Email
Some simple tips on how to effectively manage your email inbox.
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Default blog image of logo on green History
Barcode Scanning App for Ziffit
Ziffit is a new brand from one of the world's largest secondhand book resellers
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Default blog image of logo on green History
Printagram Mobile App
Print your Instagram photos onto beautiful mini canvas products via the intuitive Printagram app
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Default blog image of logo on green History
Pat Cash Tennis Academy app
An app for the professional tennis player & coach Pat Cash
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Default blog image of logo on yellow History
Brighton Marathon App
Brightec created an app for the Brighton Marathon that increased competitor support and spectator engagment
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Default blog image of logo on yellow Reviews
Brighton Marathon race day 2013
We ran the Brighton Marathon (app). We live blogged our race day experiences.
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