Why you should care whether your app was built using Google Firebase

Are you looking for a Rolls-Royce, tried and tested solution for your app? Does Google Firebase provide that and, if so, should you care?

Building with Firebase

When you engage an app development agency, there are many different techniques and approaches they can take when building your app.

This series of blog posts will be looking at Google’s Firebase product, how and when it can be used when building your app and why you should care.

It's all about (the quality of) the code

Apps can appear to be complex products but at their heart, they are just lines of code waiting to be run on your customer’s smartphones, tablets and watches (or even their TVs and automobiles!).

There are myriad ways to construct and assemble your app’s functionality, but the lines of code have to be written by someone.

If a piece of functionality has been developed before, your development agency will likely be using 3rd party libraries of code in the development process.

3rd party code not only gives you the benefit of quicker time to market (the agency doesn’t have to write it all themselves) but quite likely it will also provide a more robust and tested product.

For example, would you prefer to fly in an aeroplane powered by industry-proven Rolls-Royce engines or by one using a handcrafted prototype engine dreamt up by a local plane-building agency!?

Build better apps with Firebase

Firebase is a suite of products and tools from Google that offers functionality and solutions that address common app requirements.

This functionality includes;

  • Analytics for tracking how users are using your app
  • Authentication for logging users in
  • Real-time Database storage and much more.

To quote Google themselves, Firebase provides;

“The tools and infrastructure you need to build better apps and grow successful businesses”.

Read more about Firebase's functionality.

Why you should care

By building your app using Firebase tools and infrastructure your app will benefit from a “Rolls-Royce solution” i.e. solutions which are tried and battle-tested for quality and also (possibly) get you to market quicker.

Future blog posts in this series will focus on individual Firebase features in more detail and how they can be used to improve your app.

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