ios screen size march 2017
Written by Jotham Oakley
Apr 04, 2017

Which versions of iOS and which devices are most popular? March 2017

A quick glance at which versions of iOS and which device sizes were most popular in March 2017

iOS stats for March 2017

We regularly research device and version usage to ensure our app development practice is up-to-date (see the stats from February).

Here are some AppStore statistics from March 2017 to help us see which versions of the Apple iOS are currently most popular and which are the most popular devices using iOS.

Note: These are global stats, not region specific.

iOS version usage

iOS Version breakdown 2017_03.png

You'll see there has been a big increase in the uptake of iOS 10.0+ since February 2017, up from 79% to almost 88%. 

Below we can see that the device usage change is much slower, but developers still need to be aware of the incremental trend towards contemporary screen sizes.

iOS device usage

iOS Device breakdown 2017_03.png

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