10 minutes with Josh

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No one could forget Josh, our Creative Director at Brightec.

You probably know Josh by now. He began at Brightec 6 years ago as Product Manager, dabbled in design and various other roles before settling as Creative Director. In truth, there aren't many jobs we’ve found that he hasn’t got some experience in, from a varied background in security to plumbing.

Josh brings boundless energy and enthusiasm to the Brightec team. As well as putting employee happiness and professional growth at the heart of his decision making, he has a passion in making things better. From pioneering our company coaching system to founding the Brighton Mobile Meetup, a regular meetup for people in our industry to socialise, meet, learn and share experiences with each other. He is also a member and regular host of Brighton’s MDHub which aims to support local business leaders and share knowledge.

Josh is drawn to new people, he loves to discover common interests and build a rapport - we’ve certainly never known him to run out of things to say!

A step back

Josh grew up in Brighton, and through his parents developed a solid love for VW campervans. After studying at London Metropolitan University and a few further years living in London, he returned to the Brighton area with his wife, who happily for the Brightec team makes the most amazing cupcakes.

His early years were marked by a love for music and Goldeneye on the N64 (you knew there had to be some technology in there!). An accomplished trombone player, he performed in a number of jazz, ska and funk outfits in his earlier years and still turns his hands to the bass guitar and a few other instruments from time to time.

Keep up

Josh is a morning person. Annoyingly, he also seems to be a lunchtime, afternoon and evening person too. Occasionally leaning to a double espresso, his enthusiasm, energy and friendly, approachable manner never seem to dwindle. He brings a sense of humour and anecdote to almost every occasion.

Like the tech sector, he never stands still. He has a relentless drive to learn and improve -and if there is an excuse to do some DIY you can guarantee Josh will be there.

He has recently taken up running, just another thing to add to his list of happy things; BBQs, Weight lifting, singing, music and encouraging his young daughters to discover the joys of a toolbox. Despite his caring and nurturing nature, there is a very competitive streak in Josh and he competes in Strongman competitions several times a year. Perhaps this is why people wouldn’t often disagree with him...

For Josh, Brightec isn’t just about turning up to the office 9-5, it’s a way of life. He’s helped to create a unique culture which extends far beyond the office walls.

He uses his tech skills outside of the office at a wide variety of social and charitable events, in particular helping with lighting, sound and playing the bass guitar at his local church. In 2012 he also founded one of the first inner London Foodbanks in Camden that still continues to run and serves over 1,200 people per year: https://chalkfarm.foodbank.org.uk/

Are we the only ones wondering if he has the ability to stop time in order to fit all this in?

No one is perfect, but who are you?

We couldn’t have a ‘10 minutes with’ without our favourite question; ‘If you had a limitless budget, time & technology, what app would you build?’

“I’m horrendous with remembering names, so an app that could automatically and subtly record and remind me of people's names would be a life saver.”

Now you know why he’s so oddly keen on name badges.

Click here if you'd like to keep up with Josh and the energy he brings to the Brightec way of life.

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