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10 Minutes

- A Blog Series

Our team is a wonderful bunch. This series will give you an insight to the people behind the apps.

Head shot of Rhys People
10 minutes with Rhys

This budding photographer never loses focus, whether chasing sunsets or revamping development processes within the team.

A photo of Caz smiling People
10 minutes with Caz

Not all heroes wear capes, some wear dinosaur-print yoga leggings, and a bobble hat (indoors)

Georgia smiling at her desk People
10 minutes with Georgia

Meet Georgia, our globe-trotting Head of Operations

Nick smiling People
10 minutes with Nick

Don’t forget you’re in good company

Our new team member Rob People
10 minutes with Rob

Meet Rob. The latest talented developer to join our team.

Josh O'Riordan headshot People
10 minutes with Josh

No one could forget Josh, our Creative Director at Brightec.

Andy with his dog People
10 minutes with Andy

Brightec wouldn’t exist without Andy, and his garden shed

A head shot of Chris looking at a screen People
10 minutes with Chris

Meet our Technical Director Chris. He'll hate that we've written an entire blog about him.

Elle at Brightec People
10 minutes with Elle

Elle is a recent graduate with a natural flair for design.

Jonny from Brightec People
10 minutes with Jonny
Meet our brilliant new Junior Developer with a passion for coding and capoeira
Dave joins Brightec as IOS App Developer 1 People
10 minutes with Dave
We welcome another hugely talented app developer and multi-instrumental musician to the team
Head shot of Steve People
10 minutes with Steve

With a career chronicle more varied than most and a love of Sci-fi, we’re honoured to have kept Steve grounded on planet Brightec since 2015

Head shot of Jotham People
10 minutes with Jotham

Meet and learn about Jotham. Our brand new UX/UI Designer.

Head shot of Alistair People
10 minutes with Alistair
We’ve recently sat down with our newest recruit (and definitely not an alien) Alistair.

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