10 minutes with Mo

Software Engineer Mo smiles at the camera

Meet our curious and determined Software Engineer, Mo

Mo is our unwaveringly upbeat Software Engineer. We challenge you not to be captivated by his enthusiasm for the mobile app development project he’s working on!

He's amazing at getting to know people; making them feel welcome, understood and appreciated. He’s a great example of being a Lover of Life; click here to read more about the Brightec Company Values.

Our team of mobile app developers and designers are passionate about our craft, driven by a desire to create great products and do a superb job. Mo is super curious about the world and searches for the good in people and situations, bringing momentum and energy to every project he works on. Find out more about the Brightec app development projects.

How to become a software engineer

Mo had no idea what he wanted to be when he grew up but believed he could do anything he put his mind to. He advocates that by following what he was good at, he’d find the best job for him.

Having studied a list of courses at University and discarded everything other than Computer Science, off Mo went to Coventry University. And it turns out he really was good at it. He went on to complete a Masters at Swansea, during which he secured a job at Brightec as Graduate Software Engineer once he completed the course.

Mo is especially good at solving problems; he approaches them in the same way as he would with making new friends; taking time to understand goals and uncovering fears to work toward the best solution. He loves to learn by shadowing others.

Fellow software engineer Jonny agrees with this strategy of learning; ‘When developing any skill, it is important to surround yourself with the right people. There are near-infinite resources at your fingertips on the web, making it easy to jump in and get started with your own solo development projects. But having a team of people to learn from helps elevate your skills to the next level’. You can read Jonny’s experience of starting out in the Mobile App Development Industry here.

What is it like to work for Brightec?

As a vegetarian who hates salad, this fussy eater also hates tofu. We wanted to put a tofu joke here but it just o’curd to us that it would have bean tasteless. Other dislikes include being ignored or lied to.

Mo is big on equality and treating everyone the same. He believes you enjoy life to the most if you look on the bright side. His favourite thing about working for Brightec is the ‘unique sense of community and support network we have, for personal and technical growth’. Find out more about how Brightec invests in company culture here. Mo especially loves our monthly Research and Development days which give him the freedom to explore, learn and dig deeper in the areas of mobile app development that he most enjoys.

It will come as no surprise that this bundle of energy in human form spent his childhood outside; swimming, running, riding, swimming, fencing and playing basketball. Perhaps it was the Egyptian sun charging his batteries as he says he hasn't exercised much since moving to the UK when he was 16. Yet, Mo hasn’t stopped exploring; he loves climbing and hiking so living near the South Downs National Park is a dream come true.

Since joining Brightec Mo has joined Brightec’s Head of Product, Jotham, playing in a Sunday league team. They seem to be having a ball.

Mo thrives off adventure. He insists that the only way to enjoy life is to seek a bit of discomfort. Most recently he’s tried kite surfing; ‘I like a bit of danger, as long as I can’t get hurt.’

The most adventurous thing our newest Software Engineer has done is get lost in a desert. We think he’s got a pretty dry idea of fun. Thankfully his mobile app development skills are more reliable than his sense of direction.

What app would you create if money was no object(ive-C)?

We asked this caring mobile app developer what app he would create if he was gifted unlimited time and money.

After a moment’s thought, Mo responded; ‘Something that helped the volunteering community; I’d love to target people that could help refugees and/or homeless people to assist them in getting a better life.

Click here to read more about Mo and his passion for continuous development.

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10 minutes with Ben

Meet Ben, Brightec’s Product Manager


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