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10 minutes with Jotham

Head shot of Jotham

Meet and learn about Jotham. Our brand new UX/UI Designer.

Michael Owen to Ravensbourne

Not many can people can claim to have illustrated almost every player, from every team from the France '98 World Cup. Especially not at the age of 6. We sincerely hope the picture of Paul Merson has since been disposed of.

Drawing was the first hobby for the Shoreham-By-Sea born & bred Jotham. Art & design became a key part of his later years as his hobby became his study, and then later his profession. Etchings of a baby faced Michael Owen soon became an Art Foundation course in Brighton, and then Graphic Design at Ravensbourne College in Greenwich.

This gradual artistic evolution formed into a keen interest for UX/UI design. Jotham puts it like this:

"UX/UI design serves other people, and helps make their lives easier, quicker, and better in so many different ways. It’s not selfish or self-obsessed, it considers other people, and like a friendly local it shows them all the shortcuts and attractions in town."

Joining the team

Jotham’s passion for UX/UI design is just what we were looking for to bolster our team, and bringing him on board happened pretty quick. Jotham picks up the story:

“On a Thursday evening Andy emailed me and invited me in for a conversation the next day about a potential UX/UI role. After a three and a half hour interview on the Friday, and a further phone conversation the following Monday, I got another email through from Andy offering me a job. The whole thing took less than a week!”

Eat my dust sister

Jotham also brings to the team a keen gamer pedigree. This was initially birthed spending hours making his sister eat dust on Lego Racers on their first PlayStation. After this, Age Of Empires II ruled his time for a while before he developed a healthy addiction to TwoDots on the iPhone.

“I’m a big fan of its graphical styles and simple interaction”.

After TwoDots, his most frequented app is probably Google Docs where he works on a number of collaborative creative projects utilising the ability to read, edit and comment in real time on each others projects.

“A lot of my ideas that might have otherwise been forgotten, have instead been recorded and shared with other people, which makes for a much more dynamic and efficient creative process.”

Something to trump Spotify

Outside the office Jotham is most likely to be found enjoying a movie or a board game with his wife or writing music. Which neatly leads into his answer to our final question: ‘If you had a limitless budget, time & technology what is the one app you’d build?’.

His answer? “Something to trump Spotify”.

Initially, we were all with him on this ethical crusade: “I’d keep and tweak all the good bits and simply pay the artists more for their music”. Yes, power to the musician! But then he admitted: “Though, I use Spotify every day, so who am I to point fingers”.


Click here to find more about Jotham and follow his creative journey.

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