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Calm, curious and playful, meet Seun

Inquisitive, fair and dedicated to inspiring people to reach their full potential we know Seun will be an incredible asset to our team. Having switched careers, he joined us as a Graduate Developer in 2022 and settled straight into the Brightec ethos.

Seun has a great drive to learn and continuously progress in his role. Having grown up in Lagos, Nigeria, Seun studied Business Management and Administration at Pan-Atlantic University. He began his career as a Business Analyst but became bored and felt unfulfilled so thought he’d try his luck at ‘something else he might be good at’. Laid back and determined, Seun left his stable job to focus on self-taught development skills.

As a child, he had dreams of being a lawyer but decided it involved too much reading of things he wasn’t that interested in. Thankfully, more enthralled by code, technology and computers, he didn’t lose his case when he turned his attention to learning code.

Anything is possible

Seun claims to have made a great impersonator in his younger years. Maybe his Arnold Schwarzenegger impression will be back one day.

But he is firm in his belief that ‘anything is possible’ and is making it his mission to encourage people to pursue a career that they love. When it comes to mobile app development, Seun thrives on solving problems and especially enjoys the feeling of when all the aspects of a task click together.

When he’s not learning something new on YouTube, Seun enjoys gaming, listening to music and takes film reviews very seriously. He used to play football but has kicked the habit in recent years although he still loves watching it. He’s also a basketball fan.

A penne for your thoughts

Describing himself as ‘low maintenance’ Seun survives largely on pasta and biscuits. But there is one way to ruffle this calm cookie; snakes. They make him feel rather hissterical since he watched the film Anaconda at the age of six. He also won’t stand for inequality or anyone being treated disrespectfully.

Yet, we discovered he isn’t all justice and innocence. When we posed the prospect of giving him unlimited time and budget to create an app, Seun said he’d dedicate it to developing a way to break into banks!

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