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Meet our down to earth developer with a passion for coding and capoeira

Jonny joined Brightec in 2019 after a brief stint using our office as a space of study and inspiration while working his way through an iOS Developer course. Peeking over his shoulder and seeing his work, whilst unable to ignore his enthusiasm for learning and hunger for knowledge, we offered him a chance to learn on the job as a Junior Developer. He quickly impressed us with his ability to seamlessly switch between projects and technologies, and even wrote a great blog about his experience of starting out in a new industry.

Now a fully-fledged member of the development team, he has picked up some Android development skills as well as continuously improving his iOS and web talents. A self-proclaimed Nerd, Jonny’s pull requests are renowned within our team for their ‘exemplary structure’. He’s also great at organising team social activities!

It's a long way to Capoeira

Our very own Ninja, Jonny is a skilled Capoeirista... No, we’re not talking about star signs. Capoeira is a Brazilian martial art combining music, dance and acrobatics. When not back flipping his way around the Roda, Jonny enjoys hiking, camping, cycling and roller-skating.

He has once confessed to ordering Mcdonalds twice in one day (a humble 3 cheese burgers, large fries and coke to start, followed by just the one cheese burger and Mcflurry). But we’re not judging, he’s got to get all that energy from somewhere!

With an in-tents love of nature and how the natural world works, it's no surprise that Jonny studied Physics at university. During his final year project, he used Python for data analysis and thus opened a world of coding opportunities.

No regrets

Before joining Brightec, Jonny made the cut as a freelance video editor, collaborating on a wide variety of exciting projects. One of his favourite commissions was a generative art coding project. Roughly translated, that means he worked with an electronic artist to help create a music video based on data from the brain!

If given an unlimited amount of time and budget to build an app, Jonny’s choice would be an Instagram filtering project to prevent people posting things they might later wish they hadn’t. We’d love to know what trouble he got into to think that one up!

Find out more about Jonny and his iOS adventures here.

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