Remote Team Activities

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Remote working games and working from home activities for you and your team.

As many companies are finding, working from home for an extended period can mean that it's hard to interact socially with the rest of your team. Sometimes a little structure helps everyone to join in; we're going to keep a list of activities that help us feel connected.

1. Kahoot!

Screenshot of Kahoot discover page

Our current favourite lunchtime game. Lots of online quizzes of varying difficulties.

We do it like this:

  • Join a hangout together
  • One person hosts a Kahoot game and presents it to the hangout
  • We all play from home on our devices
  • The person who comes last gets to pick the next category


Screenshot of jqbx homepage is a great little app for using Spotify together. Nominate someone to be the DJ and grace each others listening collaboratively.

It also has fun little features, such as voting on tracks and chat.

3. Town of Salem

Screenshot of Salem game

We haven't got too stuck into this one yet, but it looks promising. It's a cheap online game that mimics the classic group game Mafia.

4. Collaborative Spotify Playlists

We love our music as a team, and it's always a hot topic for debate, so sometimes you need a playlist that powerfully captures the moment (humorously).

5. Quiplash

Screenshot of Quiplash on the Mac App Store

Quiplash is similar to Kahoot, it's a quiz game but with no wrong answers. You get points based on how funny your answers are. A bit of light-hearted humour over lunch never goes amiss at Brightec.

6. Tabletopia

Screenshot of the homepage of

We love board games! Tabletopia is a multi-platform digital environment with instant access to hundreds of licensed board games.

Add some more!

Let us know if you have other ideas for this list by contacting us on Twitter.

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