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Fascinated by science and technology from an early age, Jonny graduated from Southampton University with an MPhys. When he’s not coding (or playing music) we’ve also discovered that Jonny is also a part-time ninja. He loves capoeira and has just joined a new club in Brighton to improve his abilities. He’s also a keen cyclist, though hopefully not at the same time.

Discover more about Jonny in this interview.

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Blog Posts

Jonny working at his desk with his laptop Organise
Are the benefits of automation worth the overhead of setting things up?

Why setting up automation is always worth it

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A lady using the waterstones app on her phone Organise
How to ensure your app feels intuitive

Why is it so important for developers to keep the end-user in mind?

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Jonny looking at his screen iOS
Creating a zoomable image view in Swift

There’s nothing like the perfect image to make your app shine. But what if you want your app users to actually engage and interact with an image? Maybe they want to zoom in, pan around, really get to grips with the pixels?

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Jonny at his desk Culture
Finding focus through self study

Like many organisations, Brightec were introduced to a new word earlier this year - ‘furlough’.

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Jonny talking to Chris and Elle in the office Culture
Starting out in a new industry

Jonny is our latest junior developer, here’s his experience of working at Brightec so far…

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