10 minutes with Simon

Simon Brading head shot photo

With all the energy of a loveable puppy, Simon brings a wealth of creative expertise and strategic vision to the Brightec team

From content marketing to networking and building new connections, Simon is led by his desire to make things better. He wants people to feel valued and will go out of his way to ensure others are equipped and supported to succeed. These skills combine to make him perfectly set to lead our business development at Brightec. He’s also a magician, but his charm is no illusion.

Much like Jotham, our Head of Product, Simon is fuelled by a steady supply of peanut butter and coffee. His productivity also relies heavily on a piece of toast around 9.30 am and if you bring him a cup of tea and a slice of cake around 3 pm he’ll quite likely be your friend for life.

It’ll come as no surprise that Simon is passionate about food! He loves cooking…and eating. As long as it’s not a small portion, or cucumber (although he’ll eat that if it’s cored!).

Music is another passion for Simon and this is the backdrop for much of his pre-Brightec career. This love for music led him straight to his now wife, whom he met in a Jazz cafe on Valentine's Day. She describes him as ‘Energetic, positive, intriguing, fun and intense.’ While Simon admits he’d add ‘easily distracted’ to that list. He’s a songwriter, singer, guitar playing-pianist and it’s not unheard of for him to communicate through jingles. We’re certain he’ll never miss a beat.

Building lasting connections at Brightec

Simon loves technology and is having a lot of fun discovering more about the technologies and tools our engineering team work with. He’s particularly amused by some of the names of some tools, his current favourite being the developer platform, github. Effortlessly playful and fun to be around, he’ll also have you telling him your first hamster's name, your great-grandad's birthday and your cousin’s favourite food before you know it.

In a team largely made of introverts, Simon brings a contagious enthusiasm for meeting new people. He’s able to make anyone feel instantly at ease and has a natural talent for forming deep, meaningful relationships, something which is embedded in the Brightec culture. Click here to read more about how we aim to be inspirational companions for our clients and their customers.

Simon has a unique skill for understanding the unique characteristics of everyone he meets. He’s genuinely fascinated by who they are, how they work best and sees it as a challenge to find workarounds that best suit each person’s working and communication styles. He loves a challenge and is drawn toward doing things that feel impossible.

A Pure Maths graduate from Sussex University, Simon has been known to enjoy solving equations on the beach during family holidays. Only a fraction would think that adds up to a sum-mer of fun but once he’s set his mind to something he can’t wait to get stuck in and won’t stop until it’s done. And done to a standard beyond anyone’s expectations.

In his first 6 months at Brightec, he’s shaken up our marketing meetings and deployed new processes and agendas. For someone easily distracted, it’s even more impressive that each item has an allocated time allowance which is, more often than not, adhered to.

If time and money were no object

For our crescendo, we asked Simon the traditional question for all newcomers to the Brightec team. ‘If you had a limitless budget, time and technology, what app would you build?’

His creative idea? An AI music production app where you type in any song, in any style with any instrumentation, and it returns the full produced arrangement. Eg. ‘Eleanor Rigby’ slightly swung on 1950s Gretsch jazz kit, double bass, and Bently upright piano, sung by Taylor Swift, with Chris Martin taking verse two.

This leads us nicely to our finishing fact, Simon believes that Taylor Swift is one of the best songwriters of our time. That’s a claim she won’t want to shake off.

Click here to read more about Simon's passion for people and technology.

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