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10 minutes with Steve

Head shot of Steve

A chance to meet and learn about our multi-track man Steve.


Our interview with Steve started with a confession. It’s the sort of confession that tabloid journalists could easily spin into an eye catching headline such as: MAN DECEIVES DAD TO BUY MOUSE or MICRO MOUSE MAN MOCKS MENTOR.

However, the story is a little less sensational. Steve’s dad, in a flawed attempt to get a quiet afternoon with the paper and some PG Tips, gave Steve £30 to travel to London.

Steve, soothsayer that he is, though but a child had realised the coming emergence of the digital economy so wisely purchased a new mouse for his BBC Micro instead.

Raise the Devil

Steve learnt his trade as a wannabe con artist / iOS developer in Shoeburyness which is near Southend-on-Sea. He honed his skills at a young age by playing, breaking and then attempting to rebuild the LED pinball game “Raise the Devil”.

This unsuccessful electronic experiment led him into the world of tech and he was soon tinkering with the aforementioned BBC Micro and from there eventually went to study Micro-electronics at Seetec.

Here at Brightec

Steve started here at Brightec as a tester and then moved into iOS Development.

He’s passionate about his role here, in particular he mentions ‘the opportunity to be creative on a daily basis’.

Alongside Steve’s passion for development is a love for music & music production which led him to studying music at Access to Music in Brighton, which, in a roundabout way landed him here in our Brightec office

The music in my head

Considering Steve's musical obsessions, it wasn’t a surprise when we heard his reply to our standard question 'If you had a limitless budget, time & technology what is the one app you’d build?'

‘I like music apps and tech that interacts with brainwaves, so maybe an app that creates multi-track recordings from the music in my head’.

Eat that spotify. Though, considering I currently have the theme music from Casualty on loop in my head, perhaps not…

Click here for more about Steve and his creative approaches to work at Brightec.

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