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Steve Johnson


Senior Developer

With over 30 years’ experience in programming, Steve is a highly skilled software developer. He has worked at Brightec since 2015, focusing mainly on iOS development and automated testing. His strengths lie in applying his passion and flair for design to really bring iOS projects to life.

Discover more about Steve in this interview.

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Blog Posts

Steve sitting on a sofa iOS
How I used Apple’s ARKit to explore augmented reality to measure a room

Why proof of concepts matter

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Steve enjoying a coffee on Brighton beach Our Code
How to build an RPM meter to measure the speed of your record player

Using React Native in the real world - how to build an RPM meter to measure the speed of your record player / turntable.

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Steve working at his desk Our Code
How to write more structured and testable React code using Custom Hooks

We look at what's involved in creating and testing a Custom Hook

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A photo of Steve using his VR head set Culture
How will VR revolutionise software development?

Steve explores the role virtual reality could play in future software development

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Steve from Brightec Our Code
The SVG that wouldn't render
This puzzle took a little time to figure out but we managed to spot the difference.
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Mobile app developers at Brightec Organise
The ‘finishing’ touches

How do you effectively deal with the completion of a project?

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Spend more time in the Playground 1 iOS
Spend more time in the Playground
In case you missed it, Apple released an experimental coding environment alongside their Swift programming language. So we had a play...
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Alistair People
Make our office your own

Collaborating ‘in-house’ with our clients to get the best working relationships for them and us.

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Design sprint In Depth
User knows best
How to undertake effective user testing to help you deliver the best user experience.
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Overloading Swift Operators 1 iOS
Overloading Swift Operators
We explore how to overload existing operators in Swift 3.x
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Apple Event 2016 - The Headlines
Our thoughts on the Apple Event from 7th September 2016. Was it all about the headphone jack?
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WWDC 2016
We've become used to big announcements and exciting innovations through the 27-year history of Apple's annual WWDC (World Wide Developers Conference). What would the 2016 edition bring us?
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Top Shelf ideas main iOS
Creating Top Shelf content for your tvOS App

A quick guide to developing Top Shelf content for a tvOS app.

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Default blog image of logo on green Reviews
Straight out the box - iPad Pro
Today we got our mitts on the new iPad Pro. Would it live up to the hype? Would it really be that big?
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Default blog image of logo on grey Reviews
Apple Event - September 2015
We hosted a Brighton Mobbers meet up on Wednesday evening to watch the latest Apple Event.
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