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Chris Leversuch


Technical Director

Chris has been working at Brightec since 2013 and is now Technical Director. He boasts over a decade’s worth of experience in IT across a broad range of disciplines, prior to specialising in mobile development. Chris is a committed team player, using his expertise to support and mentor his colleagues.

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Swift Basics
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Blog Posts

Swift basics 003 iOS
Mapping, Filtering and Reducing | Swift Basics

These are some of the common ways of working with arrays.

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Swift basics 002 iOS
Enums | Swift Basics

A standard feature of most programming languages is enumerations, allowing you to define a group of related items.

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Swift basics 001 iOS
Control Flow Statements - If/Guard | Swift Basics

There are many control flow statements in Swift, far too many to cover in 1 post. Here we'll just briefly look at the if and guard statements.

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Brightec Eye Image In Depth
CircleCI: How to Create Signed iOS Builds
We set up nightly QA builds for our iOS projects on CircleCI so that we didn’t have to keep creating them manually.
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Chris at Brightec Our Code
How to Get the Best from Code Reviews
Chris has been writing about how we improve our coding and learn from each other.
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In Depth 2018 In Depth
Top tips for using Xcode templates
We've been taking a closer look at Xcode templates - here are some of the things we've discovered.
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Brightec Mobile App Development  Agency UI Testing tips 1 Our Code
Swift Code: UI Testing Tips
Chris explores the topic of UI Testing your View Controllers in isolation
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Firebase Test Lab on CircleCI Android
Firebase Test Lab on CircleCI
Following Apple’s purchase of Buddybuild, and their decision to drop support for Android projects, we've been looking for an alternative CI platform for our Android projects.
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Coding Ideas Featured iOS
The current state of our iOS architecture
Exploring best architectures is a constant endeavour. Here’s an update of where we are currently at.
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Coding Ideas Featured Android
PIN protection for your app using LolliPin
How to setup LolliPin pin protection to keep your apps secure
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Brightec developed iOS camera that replicates system camera app 1 iOS
Custom iOS camera that replicates system camera app
How to create a custom camera view controller that replicates the functionality and UI that’s found in the system camera app
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Custom drawing ideas main Our Code
iOS Custom Drawing for Beginners
A simple tutorial to help you create iOS custom drawing components
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Default blog image of logo on dark grey Android
Communicating between two devices using WebSockets
How we used WebSockets to enable two devices to communicate with each other.
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Default blog image of logo on yellow Android
Simple Android network requests
Chris explores how we set up network requests for Android
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Default blog image of logo on blue Our Code
Android Multi-Builds
Building Android projects automatically against multiple APIs
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Default blog image of logo on grey Android
Android ListView with an alphabet scroller
When presenting data in a ListView it may be helpful to have a scroller down the side to allow users to quickly jump to a specific letter.
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Default blog image of logo on blue Android
Custom Android media controller
This post will explain the process that we went through and a sample project to help you build your own media controls.
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