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Graduating from the University of Manchester in 2019, Rhys is an exceptionally talented young developer. He has worked across multiple Brightec projects, as well as recently being recognised as a Rising Star at the prestigious Wirehive Awards. He loves learning new technologies and frameworks, ensuring his skills are continually peer-reviewed and honed.

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Blog Posts

Photo of Rhys and Steve working together Our Code
What are the best tools to use for pull requests?

Do you subscribe to the philosophy that pull requests should be a pleasure to review? This blog explores several ways in which this can be achieved

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Rhys working at his desk Android
How to use Braintree Drop-In, Google Pay and ThreeDSecure on Android

Using Google Pay and ThreeDSecure with the Braintree Drop-in UI returns a CardNonce instead of a GooglePaymentCardNonce. Here's the solution to that

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A photo of Rhys working at his desk iOS
How to customise the Braintree dropin UI in React Native

React Native is a solid, tangible solution to develop an application at speed as 90-95% of the code will be shared across platforms.

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SuperTuxKart artwork Culture
Best games to play remotely during lockdown

At Brightec we are colleagues but we are also friends. We value our connection as a team and whilst another lockdown means we can’t meet socially, or share lunch times in the same way, it hasn’t beaten our spirit. Feeling connected is key.

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Rhys working on a laptop iOS
Firebase App Distribution vs Testflight

Perhaps the most important part of software development is acquiring feedback from users. There are multiple efficient ways to do this for mobile app development. Two of the most prevalent are Firebase App Distribution and Testflight. Here are the pros and cons of each and what we use them for.

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A photo of Rhys Our Code
Build a Mobile App from scratch

I’ve been building mobile apps professionally for two years now, however I’ve only recently built an iOS app from scratch as a side project. This blog post is a summary of what I’ve learned and resources I used, I hope it will help or inspire you to get started on your own app.

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Rhys working at his desk in the Brightec office Our Code
Secure Secret Storage using Google Cloud Platform

A simple solution to securely storing client and application secrets when using Google Cloud Platform

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Mental Health in the Technology Sector Culture
Raising awareness of mental health in the workplace
Rhys addresses the importance of raising mental health awareness in a male-dominated industry
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How to analyse Play Store Reviews in Google Sheets Android
Play Store Review to spreadsheet automation
Our guide to analysing Play Store Reviews in Google Sheets
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Undergraduate placements at mobile app development agency, Brightec Culture
Undergraduate placements at small companies
It's been a brilliant year at Brightec, so I wanted to share my thoughts on the value of placements at small companies.
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Default Blog Image of logo on blue In Depth
Top tips for developing multitasking apps
If you're looking at developing a multitasking app, there are a few issues you need to consider, as our colleague Rhys has been discovering.
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