Best games to play remotely during lockdown

SuperTuxKart artwork

At Brightec we are colleagues but we are also friends. We value our connection as a team and whilst another lockdown means we can’t meet socially, or share lunch times in the same way, it hasn’t beaten our spirit. Feeling connected is key.

Since working remotely we’ve started a weekly catchup on friday afternoons. The agenda is casual; we mostly play games as we’ve found it’s a relaxed and easy way to chat whilst having a focus which encourages more natural communication as it would around the lunch table. Here’s a list of our favourites:

Among us

Among us has recently taken the internet by storm. It’s free to play on mobile or paid on PC. In this game you are little space beans attempting tasks to either repair your spaceship or base. But, there is an imposter (or two) who will try to kill you. Your job as a crewmate is to try and discover who the imposters are. If you are the imposter then your job is to kill all of the crewmates. Once a crewmate discovers a body they will report and discuss all their findings during the round. This discussion is where the fun comes from with the imposter trying to cover their tracks or frame other people and the crewmates playing detective. This is truly a great game to help the team feel connected and laugh together.

Among us artwork is a free drawing game. One person draws one thing of the three prompts and the other people try to guess. It’s best played on tablet or desktop and is especially fun when you are woeful at drawing (like me). We like to join a video call and chat throughout the game although admittedly it is mostly making fun of my drawings. artwork


If you’ve played MarioKart in the past you will love SuperTuxKart. This free to play game is available on Mac, PC and Linux. It’s a great little game which is basically a budget MarioKart. There’s a huge selection of maps and there are a few different game modes. It’s full of nostalgia and a great game to play whilst on a video call. The soundtrack is banging too.

SuperTuxKart artwork


Coup is a bluffing card game. The aim is to be the last alive. You don’t know what cards your opponents have but you gather information throughout the game to determine what people have. However, your opponents can bluff and fool everyone. This game was one of our faves back in the office but we found that Chris Brown made an online version of the game.

Coup is a Brightec favourite


Jackbox is a collection of party games that work really well remotely. They have 7 party packs with 5 games in each pack. The prices vary but only the host has to pay. Our favourites are Quiplash, which requires you to come up with the funniest response to various prompts . We also like Trivia Murder Party where you answer obscure trivia questions interlaced with minigames.

Jackbox artwork

Checkout our other suggestions here.

If you have any more suggestions of games be sure to leave a comment and let us know. We’re always looking for new ones to play.

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