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We’ve been thrilled this week to see Brightec mentioned in our local press here in Brighton, and then also one of our apps was featured in the national press just a few days later.

Tech School Challenge

A few weeks back we were involved in a superbly successful Clear Computing School Challenge (which we wrote about here). Our local newspaper the Brighton Argus profiled the event on Monday.

Daily Star

Perhaps more excitingly; yesterday the lowcostholidays app which we developed last year (and continue to work with them on future updates), was featured in the Daily Star: 'App-y holidays! Brits now book dream vacations on handheld devices'.

The main theme of the article is the changing world of the travel industry, with many more people now booking holidays via apps on smartphones or tablets. We’re thrilled to be at the forefront of this, and our lowcostholidays app was the first in the UK app store to offer bookings for both hotel and flights within the app.


The article reports that overall the number of trips booked on travel apps was up 300% last month compared to December. The lowcostholidays app itself has been downloaded over 440,000 times since its launch in July 2014.

"First in the UK..."

Tim Buckman from lowcostholidays says:

"We were the first in the UK to offer holidays via an app in just one booking, with flight and hotel together."

“We will continue to invest and develop our app as this increase in bookings shows it is what customers want.”

A fundamental shift

As the article argues, we are currently seeing a fundamental shift in the way customers book flights and holidays. Our stats show that conversion rate for the lowcostholidays app is 5 times greater than their mobile website.

Lowcostholidays report that in just 5 months the app has already paid back 50% of their investment.

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