Brightec partners with Global strategic engineering and environmental consultancy

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Brightec has begun the discovery phase of development for Ricardo’s proof of concept app, and it's a project that is geographically and ethically close to our hearts

We’re proud to be partnering with Ricardo, a world-class environmental, engineering and strategic consulting company, to develop a new app.

This project aims to demonstrate the feasibility and air quality benefits of dynamic geofencing (using the location of a vehicle to change its behaviour) on hybrid vehicles and its implementation on privately-owned vehicles.

The intention is to create an app that notifies a driver of a hybrid vehicle when they’ve entered an Eco Zone to encourage them to switch to electric mode. In addition, this holistic app will intelligently handle the complex data to provide insight on air quality impacts for individual towns and cities.

We know that the best way to assess the usability of an app is through feedback from real users so initially, the app will be trialled with local taxi drivers. Ricardo will use its connected fleet management system – a digital tool that monitors the performance of a fleet of vehicles – to analyse the impact of the app on air quality.

In the driving seat

In line with its mission to support the decarbonisation of transport, Ricardo won a national competition to demonstrate the benefits that transport location data can have on urban air quality. The award of funding was made by the Geospatial Commission in partnership with Innovate UK.

This latest funding award will build upon the first phase of the project, carried out earlier this year to evaluate the feasibility and benefits of making clean air zones dynamic, rather than fixed, to improve the effectiveness of geofencing technology.

Mike Bell, Group Strategy Director for Ricardo said: ‘Ricardo is a world-leader in decarbonising transport and delivering innovative mobility solutions which are enabling the movement of people and goods more sustainably, efficiently and safely. We are very pleased that in receiving this funding from the Geospatial Commission, we can make a significant difference to people’s health and well-being by improving air quality in towns and cities around the world.’

Eco friendly partnership

While Data from the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders shows that the number of battery electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles increased by more than 168,000 units last year, they still only account for just 1.3% of vehicles on the road.

Via the app, this project will enable drivers with hybrid vehicles to use their electric vehicle mode intelligently. Transport authorities will also be able to gain more understanding of the impacts on air quality to guide future mobility solutions.

Brightec looks forward to working with Ricardo as we continue our mission to create meaningful technology which positively impacts the lives of others.

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