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Creative Teams

- A Blog Series

This series explores the principles that have helped shape the creative teams I have worked with, as well as myself

Creative Teams Series Image Culture
Creative Teams - A Series

Over the years, I have learnt a lot about how best to run teams. Although the job is never ‘done’, the last 12 months’ events have prompted an opportunity to write a blog series exploring the most poignant lessons that have stuck with us at Brightec.

Illustration: Developing Empathy Culture
Developing Empathy

What if I was bold enough to say that developing empathy is the most crucial skill that any creative team can continue to grow. Would you agree?

Illustration of the word Candidness Culture

Openness, honesty and frankness lead us to the most creative and best work.

Triangles: getting the job done Culture
Getting the Job Done

A sound understanding of what it is to do creative work and get the job done is vital for team health and long-term client relationships.

Illustration behind the words 'Staying Hungry' Culture
Staying Hungry

Knowing where inspiration comes from means that our 'creating' doesn't become a factory line of churning out the same old thing.

Illustration with the words 'Considerately Passionate' Culture
Being Considerately Passionate

We could be utterly passionate or utterly considerate, but the middle ground is where we want to be.

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