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Ten Minutes

Our team is a wonderful bunch. This series will give you an insight to the people behind the apps.

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Blog Posts

Graduate placement at Brightec 1 People
10 minutes with Rhys
Introducing Rhys, the newest member of the Brightec team.
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Awards Reviews
Brightec receive Communicator Award
The Kings Education app, built by Brightec, has received an award of distinction at the 2017 Communicator Awards
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Awards Reviews
Brightec named as leading App Development company
B2B research firm Clutch have listed Brightec as one of the UK's leading app development agencies.
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2016 Ideas Reviews
Brightec in 2016
As 2016 draws to a close, we’re taking the opportunity to pause and reflect on some of the news and stories from Brightec this year.
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Agile Mobile App Development v Fixed Price 1 In Depth
Agile Development v Fixed Price
What is Agile Development and why do we use it here at Brightec?
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Mike Ideas Reviews
TravelTech Innovation Summit 2016
We sent Mike Spence to Amsterdam to attend and chair the TravelTech Innovation Summit.
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Default blog image of logo on blue People
So far in 2016
As we’ve now ticked over into the second half of 2016, we thought we’d take the opportunity to step back and reflect on all that has been happening here at Brightec so far this year.
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GitHub In Depth
Brightec on GitHub
GitHub is an invaluable resource for developers all over the world. We've collected below a selection of our own GitHub repositories and related blog posts.
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Future ideas main In Depth
The Future of Enterprise Apps
Five factors that will influence the next generation of enterprise apps.
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Kickoff ideas main 0 People
10 Minutes with Caz
Our new Project Administrator regularly organises her CD collection alphabetically. Can you?
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Default blog image of logo on green Reviews
43 Books for Developers and Development Teams
We review some of the most interesting books relating to app development, design, mobile technology and broader business thinking.
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Default blog image of logo on blue People
Travel Marketing Awards

Multi-award winning app for Lowcostholidays.
We were thrilled to be nominated for another award this week, this time for our Lowcostholidays app.

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Why build a TV app 1 TV Apps
Why build a TV app?
In this article we take a look at four good reasons why you should invest in a TV app.
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10mins with Steve ideas People
10 minutes with Steve

A chance to meet and learn about our multi-track man Steve.

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Default blog image of logo on green iOS
Wearable Technology. Apple Watch bursts the market open?
The launch of the Apple Watch heralded a major step forward in the sphere of ‘Wearable Technology’. Or did it?
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Default blog image of logo on yellow People
10 minutes with Alistair
We’ve recently sat down with our newest recruit (and definitely not an alien) Alistair.
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Default Blog Image of logo on blue In Depth
Mobile is reshaping the Travel Industry

The future of shopping starts here.
In July last year we built and launched the lowcostholidays travel app. We’ve been astonished by its success, shown by some remarkable results over the last 8 months. This led to the app gaining the attention of the national press in recent weeks.

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Default blog image of logo on yellow People
10 minutes with Jotham

Meet and learn about Jotham. Our brand new UX/UI Designer.

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Default blog image of logo on black People
10 minutes with Nick

Addicted to Manic Miner? Well meet our newest recruit Nick

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Default blog image of logo on dark grey Reviews
Travolution Awards 2014
We were thrilled to discover this week that one of our clients won an award for their app (developed by us).
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Default Blog Image of logo on blue Reviews
Brightec receive Clutch award
Clutch have named Brightec ‘a leading mobile development firm’.
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Default blog image of logo on white Reviews
Our 5 favourite iPhone 6 rumours
Will the iPhone 6 be showcased at Apple’s ‘special event’?
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Default Blog Image of logo on blue Organise
Mobile app or responsive site: 10 things to consider

Native mobile app or swanky responsive website? Which should you pick?

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