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Essential Brightec

- A Blog Series
Andy Culture
How we rebuilt our company strategy
When tough times hit your business, how do you bounce back?
Josh and Elle working together to Invest in culture Culture
How Brightec actually invest in culture

Answering the question of how we "actually" do culture is critical to our growth.

MD of App Development Company Brightec Culture
Remote working and company culture
A good friend of ours recently tweeted about remote working, which reminded me that I’d been pondering writing a blog post on this subject for a while.
Andy smiling during a meeting Organise
How to set the context for productive meetings

Meetings can easily be seen as a necessary evil, something as an individual you have to endure whilst as an organisation you have to initiate.

Encouragement and Kudos and Brightec 3 People
Encouragement changes everything
How we learnt to praise each other honestly and openly to get the most out of our team.
Why work Organise
Responsible teams
How to foster an environment where staff take responsibility
Caz from mobile app developers Brightec Culture
How we keep clients happy and returning
We’re proud of the close working relationships we have with our clients.
Mobile app development processes at Brightec 1 Organise
Every company needs its own B.O.B
Running multiple app development projects at the same time with one team isn't easy. Here's how we approach it.
Illustration of doughnut charts and a stopwatch to suggest monitoring time Culture
Why monitoring billable time is so important

Why we strongly think your agency should monitor billable time

Default blog image of logo on green Organise
Why blog?
Why do we put so much time, effort and resource into regularly producing blog posts?
Brightec Code Our Code
Why do we charge for bug fixing?
It’s a question that comes up regularly with new clients - we thought we’d shed some light.

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