Brightec named Best App Development Agency

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The Brightec team is delighted to have been recognised as the Best App Development Agency of 2021

The App Development awards represent an annual barometer for the global app development industry, recognising the success of leading app developers, agencies and in-house development teams. Brightec couldn’t be prouder to have been awarded the title of Best App Development Agency, 2021.

On accepting our shiny new award, Managing Director Andy said: ‘It’s all about the team; the people in the company. We’ve been going for 10 years and now have 15 of us so it is great to be recognised for that team and all they’ve been contributing to the company, especially in the last year or so.’

Client Highlights

Brightec exists to prove it is possible to create and operate a long-term, happy and profitable business. We recognise how crucial it is to acknowledge that every one of our clients remained in business, and in many cases, thrived during the Covid Pandemic.

Some clients have seen their active user base double since 2019, some have seen their app revenue triple. We’ve seen store ratings for some of our most established apps increase dramatically. Even for our clients working in industries hard-hit by the pandemic, we’ve seen an ongoing, stable recovery from the initial effects of lockdown v1.

During lockdown, we’re super proud to have helped another e-commerce client, World of Books, develop a way for users of their Ziffit app to offer their trade income as charitable donations to tie in with The Big Night In fundraiser event. Since then, users have donated thousands of pounds to charities of their choice.

Brightec highlights

Like many, in March 2020, we became a remote business almost overnight, prompting a change in how we manage our team, and oversee their wellbeing. It’s hard to notice the subtle changes that might signify if someone in your team needs extra support in a remote setting. So, we developed HappyTrack. Using HappyTrack for the last 8 months, we’ve seen a consistent increase in our average happiness scores, bucking the trend of the current climate.

The Covid-enforced transition to being a (temporary) fully remote company was a catalyst for changes we’d been considering in line with Sustainable Growth. As we took on new clients we knew we needed to make shifts within existing roles so that individuals were better supported, and our business could continue in line with our ethos to be happy and profitable. Since September 2020, we have recruited Georgia (Head of Operations), Ellie (Junior Developer) during the Pandemic and our latest newcomer, James (Head of Design).

We’re so excited to continue to work together, building strong working relations and delivering products that exceed expectations.

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