Making things aesthetically better

Alistair and Rob at their desks in the new studio

We’re loving working in-person with the team again, and welcoming clients to our new home on the river

As a team, we don’t settle for ok. We make it our mission to make things better. And this extends to the spaces we work from.

Our new studio was designed for how we work, and what our team needs to thrive. It’s more than a great view from your desk and close proximity to good ice cream and coffee.

Here are some of the key features that we feel make our new work space great!

Take a seat as we show you around

Brightec all began with a garden shed, so it felt right to name one of our new meeting spaces after it. We especially love the lighting in the soundproofed meeting pod we built ourselves.

Lighting in the Garden Shed Pod
Our pod meeting rooms

Anyone who visited our previous workspace at Vantage Point loved our desks. We woodn’t get anything else.

The desks, chairs and Vestaboard in-situ

Post-pandemic we worked from Platf9rm in Hove for a short while, as we got to grips with what hybrid working could look like for Brightec. We loved their chairs so much we got ourselves the same ones.

While we’ve spent some time riding the waves on paddle boards along the river this summer, we’re holding on to our Vestaboard which currently tells us when the tide is turning.

Our ceiling tiles are right up there with some of our favourite features, along with the floor tiles, although we learnt quickly that a team that loves pizza as much as us needs a good carpet cleaner close by at all times!

A collage of floor and ceiling tiles

We wanted more social areas and breakout spaces so we set the bar high with a coffee bar area in the kitchen, and got some awesome stools to complete the look.

The casual bar meeting area

We're still re-covering from how great our upholstered cushions look, and with some copper pipework the radiators are pretty cool too. But if they haven’t knocked your stalks off, maybe you’ll agree the studio plants give the finishing touches that prove we’re not a one trick peony.

A collage of plants, cushions and pipework

With the right balance of time, focus and money, we’ve created somewhere that feels inspiring and productive to work from. Having re-established how we want to work, our new riverside home feels like the perfect space to keep the Brightec ship floating up stream.

Photo credits: @joshua.ferrett and Josh O’Riordan.

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