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Elle grew up in the town of Eastbourne and studied at Eastbourne College. She went on to graduate from Queen Mary University in London with a degree in French, before teaching in Lille for a year. From there, she realised that she wanted to further her CSS and HTML knowledge. So she decided to take a more formal qualification and completed her Digital Design Diploma.

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Blog Posts

An illustration of an artist's mixing board Design
How to make good colour choices for your mobile app

For non-designers, it can be hard to understand why the process can take so long - surely it’s not that hard to make an aesthetically pleasing app that users will come back to? And isn’t that the most important thing? Spoiler alert: no.

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Illustration of a light mode to dark mode switch Design
How should dark modes be designed for mobile apps?

And, a lesson in why you should name everything semantically

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Elle using a whiteboard to consider feedback Design
What is the best way to run user tests remotely?

In light of Covid restrictions, we’ve had to completely reassess how to run user tests to be both safe and effective. Here’s what we’ve discovered so far

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Elle at her desk working on a design file Design
What are the best tools to use to shape your design process?

This blog briefly explores each of the main design tools we use at Brightec to demonstrate how, and why, they are used.

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Elle sitting at a table thinking Culture
A-Z App Development Jargon Buster

This glossary explains some common app development terms you'll come across when working with us

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A child's painting of a rainbow Culture
How to look after our mental health while working from home

WFH. Social distancing. Furlough. These are some of the terms that have become the new normal in this strange time.

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Brightec Christmas 2019 Culture
A year at Brightec

We look back at all of the exciting things 2019 has brought us.

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Starting out as a UI/UX Designer Design
Is a career in UI/UX design for you?

The story of how I recently became a UI/UX Designer at Brightec.

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