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Elle grew up in the town of Eastbourne and studied at Eastbourne College. She went on to graduate from Queen Mary University in London with a degree in French, before teaching in Lille for a year. From there, she realised that she wanted to further her CSS and HTML knowledge. So she decided to take a more formal qualification and has recently completed her Digital Design Diploma.

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Blog Posts

Elle sitting at a table thinking Culture
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A glossary of common app development terms explained

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WFH. Social distancing. Furlough. These are some of the terms that have become the new normal in this strange time.

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Brightec Christmas 2019 Culture
A year at Brightec

We look back at all of the exciting things 2019 has brought us.

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Starting out as a UI/UX Designer Design
Is a career in UI/UX design for you?

The story of how I recently became a UI/UX Designer at Brightec.

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