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10 minutes with Lucy

Lucy joins Brightec as Content Marketing Manager 1
We'd like to introduce to you our brand new Content Marketing Manager

Stick the kettle on

With a long and varied career in B2B tech marketing and communications, and an obsession with making the perfect brew, it’s easy to see why we’re so pleased to welcome Lucy to Brightec.

She’s on a creative and strategic mission to help you get to know us better. Expect more news about the work we do, more snippets of what the team are up to, and even more about our ongoing quest to create the ultimate office culture.

Telling tales

First and foremost, Lucy is a storyteller. She loves helping brands discover their voice and communicate what makes them unique, especially in a noisy industry sector like tech.

When she’s not in the office, she’s a keen creative writer and is currently working away on a children’s book series.

She also spends much of her free time playing table tennis with her kids, as well as being an enthusiastic but rubbish baker. In fact, she’s already warned us she won’t be bringing homemade cakes into the office anytime soon, it’s for our own safety.

Lucy has also done lots of travelling and has had many adventures and scrapes over the years, including accidentally swimming with crocodiles in Australia and crash-landing in a hot air balloon full of photography journalists. Hopefully Brightec will be (slightly) less dangerous.

Giving back to the community

Having worked for several charities over the years, Lucy is keen to use her marketing powers for good. She’s interested in helping us share our ideas and expertise not only with the wider app development community, but also our local Brighton networks.

It’s something we’re already involved in, particularly with our Brighton Mobile Meetup and the BIMA Digital Day we’ve recently been involved in with a local school. Watch this space for more community projects in the coming months.

Happiest up a hill

Growing up in Derbyshire in a very large family, Lucy spent most of her formative years running around in the countryside. This hasn’t tired her out yet and she still has a deep love of the great outdoors.

Living in Brighton means she has regular opportunities to chuck herself headlong into the sea (no wetsuits, that’s just cheating). Keen to relive her childhood, Lucy also enjoys setting out for walks across the Sussex downs, usually with both of her less-than-enthusiastic small children in tow. She’s found that Haribo work as excellent walking bribes.

Best idea for an app?

There’s always a gap in the market and the crowded app market is no exception. Lucy loves to keep fit (just not in the mornings - one day she will fulfil her resolution to walk to work instead of opting for the easy bus option). Back to her app, 50% of new mums don’t realise their tummy muscles are damaged, which can lead to serious back problems. It’s something of a public health issue that Lucy wants to champion by developing a new health app just for them.

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