Written by Matt Simmonds
Aug 14, 2015

10 minutes with Lionel

Let's get to know our newest developer - Lionel Mille

Toy town

Before we could even finish our first question ('what do you love about your job') Lionel had already enthusiastically blurted his reply:


Like a kitten with a ball of string and a vat of premium Whiskers, Lionel can barely contain his excitement about his new role here at Brightec.

‘What I like about development is that there is always something new, something exciting.’ Our thoughts entirely Lionel.

‘I am not sitting on my ass doing the same thing everyday’. Well, quite.

This is a man who clearly enjoys variation in his lifestyle diet. When asked about his hobbies, Lionel replied:

‘I tend to change hobbies every 2-3 weeks which makes me a Jack-of-all-trade and master of none. Nowadays I really want to go back to learning my bass guitar, or give rollerblading/skating a try. Who knows what it will be in 2 weeks.’

Motorcycle adventures

The one constant for Lionel is his motorcycle obsession - learnt on the rural, winding roads of the south of France (Saint Esteve Janson to be precise).

Alongside the pub this is where you’ll most likely see him (presumably not after the pub) - touring the South Downs on two wheels. 

Way before app development, motorbikes and rollerblading Lionel was born and bred in Lille in the north of France.

From here he moved to the aforementioned Saint Esteve Jason, attended a Catholic High School and then spread his university education between France, Sweden and Canada.

App paradise

Lionel made it through our ardous selection and interview process and now he’s based here at Brightec (he's our newest developer on the team) he’s been waxing lyrical about his favourite apps.

'For design and user experience, I really love the Paper by Facebook app'.

'The apps I probably use most often are Tumblr app, to entertain myself when waiting for something. I also enjoy the Youtube app, especially when coupled with my chrome cast.'


Top secret

Of course, the one question we ask all our new staff is: ‘If you had limitless budget, time & technology what is the one app you’d build?’

The thing is, we’re not actually allowed to talk about Lionel’s idea…

We probed and questioned but he refused to reveal his evil plans, he just kept muttering under his breath something about ‘I could tell, but then I’d have to gut you and feed your internal organs to the office fish’.

We don’t have office fish, but all the same we thought it was best to drop that particular line of questioning.

What he did reveal was a second idea, and quite a useful one at that.

‘I’d really love to be able to do something with iBeacons in museums to enhance the experience of visually impaired guests (an application that would guide, entertain and describe based on the locations of the beacons around you).’

Not a bad plan eh? 

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